What Character Should Have a Stand Alone Series Who Hasn't Had One? Or What Stand Alone Series Should Be Brought Back?

Helena Wayne. I prefer Helena B but I would be interested in more Helena W adventures.


BOOSTER GOLD for sure. Also Frankenstein and SHADE

And I’d love to see a proper BRAVE AND THE BOLD that pairs some of the wackier elements of DC with the established stars.

The Question in a black & white noir inspired on going would be :ok_hand:


I’d love to see Manhunter (Kate Spencer) get another solo title, I think she’s been a supporting character in other people’s books since the New 52.


Original Doctor Mid-Nite done in a style like Sandman Mystery Theatre. Or even the Pieter Cross version if put in good hands (like that Matt Wagner limited).


id say nightwing

That sounds awesome

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Frankenstein and SHADE is a series @LooseNate. :grinning:

Here’s a link to read on DCU:
:open_book: Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E.

I like this topic @jordandweigold.82889. Lots of great ideas “on the board” already but I’d love to see more of Metamorpho. His backstory in the Birds of Prey is interesting but the way Beware The Batman handles the character would make it a killer mini-series!

This is more something that I’d pitch rather than a specific character that I’d like to have their own series, but, anyway:

What’s the best part of DC? The heroes? Nah. The villains? Are you kidding me? It’s the henchmen, obviously! The nameless, faceless costumed dudes and dudettes there just to get easily dispatched by Batman and provide some much-needed exposition. So, what do I want? A series, called Tall Tales, that is all about them. The idea is that they’re one-shot stories that can be basically anything. Any genre, from heist caper to horror story to murder mystery and beyond! The one throughline is that they’re framed as a monologue from one of the henchmen/-women to a bartender. And the reveal at the end of each issue is that the bartender ends up being a random superhero in disguise.

So, there, that’s my million dollar idea.


Etrigan the demon or Steel

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I love so many of these ideas, especially the Daily Planet, Steel, The Question, and Doctor Mid-Nite ones.

One that comes to mind…

  • Agent Liberty
    I’d like to see him as the simple, core concept as he first appeared in the old Dan Jurgens Superman stories. That idea was rich with possibility and Jurgens didn’t get enough opportunity to explore with it. I’d be bonkers if Jurgens got to pick it up and just roll with it. I’d even be OK if someone else went there, but Jurgens would be the optimum choice.

Roy Harper

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Supergirl should be brought back under new editorial and another creative team.

After the last trainwreck, go for someone that has the trust of the readers. Fans are calling for another Gates run and he is willing and ready.