What Characters deserve their own movie most?

Spectre would be awesome. And I hope you didn’t miss his live action debut on The CW’s (Spectre)Arrowverse.
The Showcase animated short was great. I would love to see a Spectre movie (or series) in the vein of his 1992 run.

For me Booster Gold is one of those characters I love to despise. Just saw him in Brave and Bold animated series. If Kite-Man can be the hero of Harley’s crew, Booster could shine in a series or movie. I would like to see him team up with a bunch of d-listers around a story of let’s hear it for the little guy theme. And yes, I like it when Batman teams up with him, too.

Wow, Shadowpack, had to look that one up, never heard of them, collectively. I’m familiar with most of them individually. I’m seeing a Justice League Dark style movie for them. (Kinda disappointed Blue Devil didn’t get a spin-off from Swamp Thing on DCU.)

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Nightwing deserves his own movie.


I was going to say the exact same thing.

I agree with so many people. The world is seriously overdue for a live action JSA movie.


How about a good JLA movie first.