What Characters Do You Play As In Injustice 2?

I was unstoppable as Starfire (how I got a few of the trophies and a lot of hate messages) but I really liked playing Red Hood


I play Harley Quinn, Black Canary, poison ivy, and cat woman. My favorite dc ladies and badasses. :black_heart::heart::black_heart::heart:


Personally I’m a big Gotham/Bat family fan, so my main set consists of: Batman, Red Hood, Harley and Bane.


Black Canary, Starfire, Harley, and Red Hood in that order.

The first two I leveled up so much, and last time I played I was working on the other two.


Huge fan of starfire and the turtles. Alot of good move sets with them


Main lady is without a doubt is Black Canary, I love how fast she and I can use her canary cry from far away, and with some moved sets when an opponent wants to strike she reverse them.

Then the ninja Turles, specifically leo because i was a huge Turtle fan as a kid, Like BC Leo is fast, he can call the other turtles, and they have the best level 3 in the game.

Last are Sub zero and supergirl. Can’t really think of a reason why I like them. I just do.


When I used to play the game my mains were Green Arrow and Green Lantern. Also played a bit with Black Adam.

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