What comic deserves more credit?

I dug the Grounded arc @moro. It was new, different and entertaining. The John Cassaday covers were nice and the Eddy Barrows interiors were just…:drooling_face:

Let it be known that I would read aluminum siding sales brochures written by JMS with rapt attention, so I may be biased towards Grounded.

As for Zod, I really enjoyed him in For Tomorrow. His battle armor was badass, he was a bastard who you just wanted to see Superman slug into the ground again and again, and when he does you think “Keep on kicking his ass, Superman!”.

Fun Fact: For Tomorrow’s Mr. Orr was seen ever so briefly in The New 52 Superman series. I don’t remember the issue offhand, but I do remember seeing him and being surprised that he made the transition.


All good @TheTerribleToyman. Different tastes is all. I don’t know that I feel that strongly negative about any comic, really :slightly_smiling_face:

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Agree @Vroom. For Tomorrow is one of my all time favorites. Just wasn’t sure if it would qualify as “underrated”, otherwise I would have definitely listed it here.

Eddy Barrows art in Grounded is quite superb. Gotta look him up sometime and see what other titles he has.

I’ve read two works by JMS, Grounded and Superman Earth One and enjoyed them both thoroughly :slightly_smiling_face:.

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While Grounded wasn’t my favorite of the post-New Krypton stuff, I think it deserves kudos for a few things:

  1. When Roberson took over the story, I felt it had more energy to it.
  2. It gave us Clark and Iron Munro which I’ve always wanted to see
  3. As said before, Barrows’ art and Cassiday’s covers were truly something to behold
  4. It had an ending and a nice one at that.

If you want more of JMS, read Spider-Man: One More Day.

It’s a cute, whimsical tale of the power of marriage and how it can unite us all. Truly a fan-favorite for the ages. :wink:

Seriously, the rest of JMS’ run on The Amazing Spider-Man is pretty great. It has a few potholes here and there, but is otherwise a smooth ride.

His other DC tomes are grand, including, but not limited to:

● The Odyssey, from Wonder Woman (2006-2011) #'s 600-615. Like Grounded, it was finished by a different writer due to JMS moving over to Superman: Earth One. I strongly prefer this one to Grounded.

● The Brave and The Bold (2007-2010) #'s 27-35; one of his best runs at DC, if not the best TBH.

When you’ve a jones for more of JMS @moro, those are two great points to plot on your DCU Reading Map™.

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Sandman Mystery Theatre - Such a well written noir series written in like, mini movies. So well done. Wesley Dodds cuts such an awesome figure with the mask.

Kyle Raynor Green Lantern - while it was guilty of creating the fridge trope, once it found its groove it was well done and having Kyle as an artist meant we got cool and creative constructs. His interactions with Wally and Connor were awesome.

Peter David Aquaman - I’m a big Aquaman fan, and Peter David did an excellent job of taking Arthur out of his comfort zone. While I feel there were a few missteps on a whole it is inventive and well done.

Wally West Flash - I hate that Geoff Johns thinks his preferences are more important than other fans. I grew up with Wally as Flash. He is my Flash. DC has gone out of their way to erase everything Wally accomplished.

Someone else mentioned Ostrander’s Spectre.

Grell’s Green Arrow.

Keith Giffen’s Ambush Bug.

So many great stories people overlook.


JSA and Justice Society of America. They are overshadowed by JLA and Justice League of America for obvious reasons but they are great books that due the Golden Age heroes justice and at the same time establish new and legacy heroes as important parts of the DCU


A lot of Garth Ennis work doesn’t get as much credit as it should. Definitely not for everyone but always pushing the limits.


SMT is just one of my favorite series ever!

I will limit my thoughts to DC here.

I rarely come across folks who are as nuts about the Ostrander/Mandrake Martian Manhunter series as I am.

I feel like I have to mention how much I love the current Jimmy Olsen run in every other post, so yeah, I should mention that here.

Come to think of it, I’d include another Martian Manhunter series, the recently concluded one by Orlando & Rossmo.

The New 52 O.M.A.C. is another one that went away too soon.


Absolutely. That series is a gem.


I’m reading that now and really enjoying it. I’m just not far enough through it to give a totally informed opinion, but it came a couple months after they finished up with The Spectre, and it seems like a good stylistic follow-up so far.