what cw dc show would you Cancel

I feel like Supergirl has been the most solid this season. Last season was kind meh. Legends is getting too comical…and I can’t get into the newer characters. Too much time focused on Gary and that girl who feeds the creatures.

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Hey Hey Ho Ho Supergirl has go to go!


@shanty, agreed. Supergirl has improved from last season. It was actually the show I enjoyed the most over the fall. Arrow spent way too long with Ollie in jail, the Flash has been slowly but surely running out of steam since last season, Legends is turning into a flanderized version of itself, and Black Lightning still doesn’t seem to be building up to anything worth while.

@djariya, They could use all their resources on another show

I would cancel batwoman and just add her to supergirl and give Martian manhunter a show.

I’m against adding any new shows on the CW, as they have an exclusive Netflix deal where all of their shows go there. I think all new shows should start here and then be marketed to other platforms.


I think arrow’s gonna get canceled pretty soon. I doubt it’ll go past season 8