What DC Animated Universe Movie would YOU like to see them make NEXT??

Superman/Wonder Woman

I want to see their battle with Zod/Faora


The Cassandra Cain Batgirl. She had the coolest look. Her backstory was more compelling than Barbara Gordon’s or Spoiler’s. Beyond wanting to be Batgirl, she needed to be her. I’d love to see even a DC short film based on her.

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Long Halloween. Oh, wait. They are🍀

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I think so. Idk if you were asking due to my post or if u know, but when I opened my phone it said Long Halloween rumored to be in the works. I so hope it’s true.

I would love to see them do animated movies based on cancelled films. Like Superman Lives and Justice League Mortal.

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Several ideas

  1. Even though I’d rather see more non Batman stuff get attention. I’d be interested in Batman’s No man’s Land story get animated.

  2. If done well, a new modern take on how the original Teen Titans Fab5 (Dick, Donna, Garth, Roy Wally) became a team.

  3. Either a Cassandra Cain or Steph Brown batgirl origin story.

  4. A animated movie about Wonder Woman teaming up w/Donna and Cassie to stop a mythological threat on Themiscrya before it ends the world.

  5. A Nightwing vs Deathstroke movie. Rose Wilson and Joseph Wilson as part of the support cast too.

  6. Aquaman and Mera movie. Taking place all in Atlantis (throw in Garth, Kaldur, Dolphin and Tula as cast members). Might as well ride the hype from the live action movie (and I like Aquaman).


A multi-movie Blackest Night. That would be awesome.


Kingdom Come

  1. Aquaman movie
  2. Green Arrow Movie
  3. Teen titans movie

Batman: Death of the Family animated movie, a new Justice League animated series based on the New 52. I’d also love to see animated movies for DC/Vertigo characters such as Deadman, Lucifer and The Sandman.

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I always wanted to see
A Death in the Family movie
Watching the Joker go to town on Jason Todd
Then a fallow up movie of
A Lonely place of Dying, where we get the intro of Tim Drake and how he keeps telling Dick there needs to be a Robin.

Would love to see the Sandman books animated. Know this would be a hard R, and possibly limited the audience, but could be fascinating.

Batman A death in a family .

From zach

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How about a new story line of its own thing about the joker, and how he came back too life. ( I m still confused when the last battle was between Batman and Joker is it the flash back in Batman Beyond Return of the Joker or is it Batman The Dark Knight Returns)

Kingdom Come for sure. But the one I’ve wanted the most for many years is COIE. I’ve constantly heard that would be impossible to do correctly, but I disagree. First off break it up into a trilogy with episode clocking in at, or just under 2hrs. Secondly if the cheesy ol’ Arrowverse is comfortable making an attempt at it, Warners Animation should be nearly over confident that they could do it and do and awesome job.

Plus they have and incredible all-star voice actor line up already at their disposal. JUST MAKE IT HAPPEN PLEASE!

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Crisis on infinite earths would be amazing. Emerald Twilight could be really fun, I mean they are about to release Reign of the Supermen so fingers crossed?

1- A Jay Garrick/Flash staring john Wesley shipp. 2-A wonder woman staring Lynda Carter. 3-savage Hawkman. 4- Deathstroke.

I’ve been waiting for The Long Halloween. After that, I’d say Blackest Night and Wonder Woman: Blood.

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Crisis on infinite earths.

Red Son.

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