What DC character do you guys wish had a solo series?

Hey guys, I know this question has been asked before on this platform, but what DC character do you guys wish had a solo series. The rules are simple, if the character doesn’t currently have a solo series, then they are eligible for this list. Also, try to add a writer, artist, and/or a premise for the series.
I’ll start it off. I think a Plasticman series written by Jimmy Palmiotti and drawn by Chad Hardin would be amazing. I think these two are very good at creating whimsical stories that have a somewhat dark underbelly (specifically their work for Harley Quinn). The premise would be simple; a mysterious villain makes Plasticman steal some high tech devices. If he doesn’t, innocent people may die. I know it’s a simple premise; however with Plasticman’s backstory, I think it would be really interesting.
Anyways, I’d love to see the thoughts and ideas you all have! Thanks.