What Do Mangas Do Better Than Comics? What Can Comics Learn From Manga?

Yeah that image of Superman with the suicidal kid from Allstar Superman hit home for me. Lex’s redemtion. So much hope in one story. This is the importance of artistic vision DC lacks when they jump from event to event all aboard the hype train.

A hundread years from now (Godwilling we make it) people will still be reading Allstar Superman. All of the other throwaway monthly titles? Doubtful.

I wish they would treat each title with the dignity and talent as they did Allstar superman, Hush, Year One, Man of Steel, The Dark Knight watchmen ect.

Here’s the thing about what you said about one writer & one artist not all artists are writers. Consequently not all writers are artists & sometimes it’s better for a comic to be a collaboration than to be written by one person. If that is what you meant thats is.

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Maybe they’re main issue sometimes one written can be writing a really good story and then BAM! New written jumps in the middle of a story and has to wrap it up in order to make the story they wants.

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