What do we know this far about being 3 Jokers?

So what do we know about them? I remember reading that they’re are actually 3 jokers but havent heard anything about it since. Could it be possible that the dc cinematic universe is taking a twist on it with the new movie on the joker and the suicide squad joker? Just a thought I’ve had.


Whatever comes of it, we know it will look absolutely badass. Jason Fabok is an artist’s artist.

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I know there’s supposed to be a miniseries about it coming up, but a big part of me really wishes they’d just leave it as a mystery that’s never really explained.


I wish we’d get something on it. Mind you, I haven’t caught up on the latest issues of Batman and Detective Comics, but has this been mentioned since DC Universe Rebirth # 1? That seems like a long time to dangle that carrot for fans.

The only “new” info is that Three Jokers will be a Black Label book and written by Geoff Johns. I think promotional art (by Fabok) was released too.

Given Doomsday Clock’s delays, I bet Three Jokers is still a ways off.


I heard we were supposed to get Three Jokers this summer, but like you said, given how the delays on Doomsday Clock are panning out, I expect that’ll change with time.

I believe it’s supposed to be OG JOKER, 70s Joker, and Killing Joke Joker. Originally Snyder’s Joker was in the lineup, but I think they changed it. Which is disappointing because I think that would have made for a more diverse range of Jokers.