What Do You Think of Absolute Editions?

I’m thinking about picking up the new printing of Absolute Swamp Thing, and it will be my first Absolute edition. $100 is a lot of money, but I have come to adore Swampy and especially Alan Moore’s run these past few years. And it has beautiful recolored artwork! What do you guys think of Absolute editions? Do you enjoy them? Are they quality enough for the $100 price tag? What absolute editions do you have?


They’re a little…big.


I’m glad they are though! Very big art to look at


They’re a great format but with two drawbacks:

  1. The price

  2. The selection.

I get the oversized format is expensive but wow! A hundred bucks is pricey.

I get something Crisis on Infinite Earths, I get The New Frontier, but did Identity Crisis need an Absolute? Did For Tomorrow? I’m sorry, but no.


Hey @JayJayden if you consider an absolute edition an art / coffee table book they’re worth it to see the art at that large size. The presentation is also very nice with the slipcover. Check out In Stock Trades. They give great discounts (42% off) and pack their books for super safety. The new edition of Swamp Thing is scheduled for release on 10/7/2020. Make sure you get there on that date as they offer 50% off for deals of the week.

PS I do just a little business with them. :joy:


Nice collection!


Thanks! Check out how I created my secret lair and other people’s libraries.


I mean, I like Absolutes. I have a handful of my favorite comics in that format (The New Frontier, All-Star Superman), but I don’t feel the need to buy them for every series I like that’s available in that format. If you really love Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing, then go for it. But if it’s just a spine on a shelf then go for the deluxes or the paperbacks. Personally, even though I do love that run, I have the deluxes because I don’t want the recolored art.


I have the Kevin Smith Green Arrow and Superman for Tomorrow there is nothing negative I can say; I absolutely love them and want more. The price can be pricey but the quality is superb! Get what you can.


Of all the oddball choices for Absolutes, the ones that surprised me were the two Planetary volumes.

It justified itself by having a relativity short run, but it made its mark. It also benefited from the Absolute format as Cassiday’s art really popped in that scale.


Oh that’s great, I’ll check them out thanks! And DANG that’s a nice collection!


I like them, and had a few when I was heavily into print.

I was very selective about the titles I bought Absolutes of, due to price and what I was interested in owning oversized editions of.

For print, they’re a great experience. Definitely look them up on Amazon or, as @TravisMorgan suggested, In Stock Trades.


I rather like absolute editions. The large art look great and can make things seem so grand. The absolute Swamp thing by Moore is a no for me because of the recoloring, but stuff like All Star Superman, The Black Mirror, and New 52 Wonder Woman really benefit from having it in this format.

Nice collection! I need to fix up my office so that I can display my books properly. Most of mine are in boxes from our kove to this house and have not been unpacked yet. Lazy me. :wink:

BTW, I’ll have to keep that store in mind. I paid almost $100 more for my Crisis on Infinite Earths box set than they charge. Great recommendation!

I like them. They are almost all that I buy in print these days since I have moved to reading primarily digital. All of them are decent qualty, and certainly worth what I paid for them. Some can be a bear to read though.

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Other good places are cheapgraphicnovels.com and talesofwonder.com