what do you use to read your comic books here at DCU?

Comics on the TV can be best surmised by Joker: “There’s no going back. You’ve changed things, forever!”

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I read most comics on my iPad, and stream DCU programming on my Roku TV.

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My tablet died. I will get a new one delivered on Monday

As an experiment, I downloaded Comixology on my Android Phone.

I previously downloaded DC Universe to respond to threads.

I found out I could watch Doom Patrol on my Phone, as long as I added screen captions. Captions and sound were enough to understand what was said.

With Comixology I downloaded House of Secrets 92. I had to rotate the screen occasionally to read wide captions

I really had t o slow down and pay attention to each panel, but it went well.

DC daily, I much prefer to watch that on the Roku stick on the 56" TV. I find I don’t read the comics as much on Roku lije I was doing simply because the panel-by-panel is still pretty funky on Roku, and I got kind of tired of having to keep resetting it when an entire page would appear which is illegible of course on a TV. I mean it’s nice on Roku when it’s the automatic play for the panel and it’s behaving cuz it’s very much like a movie or motion comic .

But when I do my Sunday night reviews / comic book club assignments here, I use the computer usually now. Also, when you want to get screenshots and clean things up as part of your reaction to the weekly Comics assignment, obviously you can’t do that on a TV.

I use my Samsung Galaxy Tab A, with a 10 inch screen


I have been reading on my iPhone XR. I used to read all my comics on a galaxy tab 3, but the panel by panel feature works just as well on a phone. Some of the surprise and excitement of comics is very entertains digitally and helped me get back in dc comics after a long hiatus in 2013. DKR is AMAZING in panel by panel view btw. You really appreciate the texture of the gouache paint if you love geeking out over the art IMO.

My eyes my heart and my Roku

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Definitely my phone. Its so much easier for me I think.

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Phone/Computer (PC)/Tablet

I find my phone to be the most convenient, especially now that streaming is an option

I use my Roku, laptop computer, and my cell phone. The Roku is my preferred method since there are more options for how to view the pages and panels.

Mostly my tablet and occasional my phone while on mass transit.