What elseworlds would you like DC to create?

A Earth with only the characters acquired from Fawcett, Quality, and Charlton vs the Crime Syndicate from Earth 3.

I’d like one where all the characters that’ve changed i.e. Dr. Light changing to a women, copperhead a girl, all of the characters that changed were discovered in a west world/Mad Max type setting. Battle in a cage, or even in an enclosed environment like the Truman Show. Nobody knows they are there. The last one standing gets to replace his new version in continuity & new version disappears.

How about a world where Alfred E. Newman and Spy vs. Spy and other Mad characters exist. If DC can use them. I know Warner owns Mad but I don’t know if they can legally crossover.

A universe where zero hour didn’t occur and the Post-Crisis continuity kept going.

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How about a world where ninety percent of the Earths population are metahumans and the ten percent who are nonpowered are Clark Kent, Diana Prince and the rest of Prime Earths Metahuman community. How would they cope in such a world?

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A universe where Batman continued to train under Ra’s al Ghul. In this universe, Batman is the greatest member of the League of Assassins, and has become its top operative. As a result of this, Batman’s universe is drastically different.

  • Dick Grayson was never given the home he needed, becoming a much more brutal Nightwing.
  • Penguin is mayor of Gotham, since there was no Batman to stop him.
  • Catwoman never grew out of simple theft, and still works for the mob.
  • Damian Wayne was still born, but he isn’t Robin. Instead he serves as an apprentice under League operative Deathstroke.
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He would probably even have a different codename, since he would never meet Superman.


Maybe he’d be this universe’s Red Hood, since Jason would probably still be living on the streets.

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