What Got You Into Comics?

What a great book to start it all off with for you; a classic that will always stand the test of time!

Read Richie Rich Caspar Spooky Wendy

Remember Road Eunner comic. He talked. Had Family. Wife wore necklace. Donald and Barks decades later

Turok Son.of Stone Dell then Gold Key

My sister bought Millie the Model Patsy Walker All by Stan.Lee. Didnt know at time
Also bought Archie

Detective comic withn Dinosaurs

Last try out if JLa in Brave and Bold

Kubert Hawkman

All of DC not just Schwartz Superman Superboy Lois Lane Jimmy Olson

80.page giant Superman Batman Return to Krypton

The Fly and Jaguar in Archie

Early Marvel FF 1 Amazing Spiderman Avengers Xmen.all number 1

Flash of two worlds Jsa

Thunder Agents

Droped out in 66
dc comics were silly
Hard to find

1973 marvel black and white monster magazines then conan
Available on newstand when regular comics not

Back issues
Tomb of Dracula
Swamp Thing by Wein
Gl Ga
Kree Skrull war

Dc and marvel
Giant xmen
Howard the duck
Dr strange

Reading all sorts of comics
First Comics

Man of Steel
Perez Wonder Woman

Much later
Valiant comics
Solar Magnus Turok.XO


A whole lot more

Early rebirth.was great

Buy current comics
Most very bad
Like Hawkman Year Zero
Waiting for JSA
The Teen.Titans Raven Starfire etc

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