What happened to the three jokers comic?

At the title says, what happened with the graphic novel that was supposed to be released going into detail about the three jokers? I remember reading about it but as of yet as far as I know nothing has been released about it

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Sometime next year, but that could change just like it has done for years now!


Fabok has been doing a lot of teasers for it on his Instagram for a while, and yesterday he posted some images saying “As for Three Jokers news, we are figuring out release dates right now. We will know soon!” I believe they were saying that they would talk about releasing it as soon as the second issue was complete on Fabok’s end. So as of right now, it could come as early as April.


I just saw an interview with Johns this morning. He said he is almost done with issue 3 and it should be solicited anytime now.


Read an article saying that they are shooting for an early 2020 release date. So hopefully soon, cause me personally, i can’t wait to read it.