What I'll Miss Most About This DC Universe

I feel the same way I’ve been here for 2 years and I’m going to miss this place I hope I don’t regret HBO Max cuz I’m really not into streaming service other than this one

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I will miss the original shows, Harley Quinn, Titans and Doom Patrol. I never got into Swamp Thing or Star Girl. But I will really miss the community. The watch alongs that made this pandemic so livable. It was so cool to watch Harley and critique with like minded fans. The discussions about movies, shows, comic books, artists and characters was great. When I joined DC Universe at the very beginning I was overjoyed to have found a place where I could talk about my comic book ideas and just talk about DC in general while enjoying comics and videos. I should have known it was too good to last.


The community isn’t going anywhere. Watch-alongs and discussion will no doubt continue but now with fans from around the world!

Very well-stated. As I first traversed this thread, and read so many comments that seemed oblivious to the fact that this press release was not, in fact, a big win-win for all of humanity, I stopped and asked myself,

“Am I in the Twilight Zone? Did I read this press copy correctly or have I finally grown so old and feeble that I can no longer process or comprehend my primary language?”

Your comment reassured me that I was still, in fact, of some degree of sound mind, after all…and for this, I thank you.

And I trust that we all actually want to see DC prosper and regain strength, otherwise we’d never have opted into this service, to begin with! It takes on the nightmarish feeling of hollering at your favorite team as they take the field, inebriated, and proceed to hand the game to the opposing team as we watch on in horror.

And then, when they lose, they march up to the stands and say, “Pretty awesome stuff, eh?”

I will miss seeing the DCU app on the home screen of my Apple TV. I know that’s a small thing, but it was always so cool to see it there.

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Agreed, there was a bizarre feeling of disconnect between the message, and how people were responding to it. For DC Universe as a service, it’s bad news, plain and simple.

I am also an HBO Max subscriber, so it doesn’t particularly effect me, personally, in that I’ll still have access to the content, but it is bad news for DCU. I am hopeful they’ll continue with the DCU shows like Titans, Doom Patrol, Harley Quinn and Young Justice on HBO Max, and early announcements seem to indicate this, as well as more original DC programs on HBO Max like a Gotham PD show and a Green Lantern show, along with the Snyder Cut of Justice League, and possibly other things I’m forgetting.

HBO Max is strengthened, the DC video content (presumably) is just migrating there, and we can expect original content there. That’s all good news for HBO Max, but the value of DC Universe as a standalone product is certainly lessened.

You’re not crazy, you read it right. DC Universe Infinite was just presented disingenuously as something that DCU fans should celebrate, when it’s anything but. I previously viewed DC Universe as a “streaming service with comics,” and now it’s going to just be a comics service. It might still be worth maintaining a subscription for those comics, but it’s inarguably a less robust value in this new form.

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I believe the official FAQ states that all the TV-only platforms (Apple TV, Roku, ChromeCast, etc.) will be going away. Only Android, iOS and browser-based will be left.

Of course I’ll miss the video… the thing that brought me to the app every evening was a new episode of DC Daily. I bought the $5/month special deal for HBO Max, but TBH the only thing I’ve watched on there was Class Action Park, after they incessantly promoted it in my Twitter timeline. I’m not a cord-cutter; I pay $$$ every month for a cable bundle (without HBO) which already gives me more content than I have time to watch, so that extra $12 or $15 or whatever it will be is a direct drain on my pocket with little to show for it until the Snyder Cut shows up. The Roku Gap is just an added annoyance; I’m supposed to pay good money when I have to screencast from my phone??? I understand why they made the change; the orders from on-high are HBO MAX IS THE FUTURE! MAKE IT SUCCEED! But I will forever miss what we had here for 2 years.


If you have an Xbox One (or are getting a Series X or Series S) HBO Max is supported and works great from Xbox. So does DC Universe, although evidently it will be leaving Xbox along with the video content.


I’m upset DC All-Stars won’t get a sequel. That show was just plain fun to watch. And the discussion-style of DC Daily really worked for me. It wasn’t a 30 minute commercial; it was people sitting around taking about DC stuff they loved.
The intros to movies, the collections of obscure shorts, the dated TV series from the 80’s and 90’s…
I seriously doubt we’ll see stuff like this on HBO.


And since I know that’s true it’s irksome at best. It can’t be difficult to maintain something you already have. Since it will become a comics only platform they should be presenting to us as many cool things as possible. Since we already know it’s possible to have availability for streaming to the television, they need to bring that back. Give us everything we know you’re capable of, we’re paying for it. We just need to demand the things we deserve. Give us what we want, or you don’t get to keep our money.


@harley.333 Was there an official statement that was put out about this recently? :fearful:

As per Applejack, negotiations are still being had about its future among others as of last Tuesday.

Hope this helps if there has not been an official word about it posted since last Tuesday. I did a quick search and did not see anything about it mentioning it would not be continuing. (Hopefully that continues to be the case!)

If they are not to continue, then that will definitely be one of the many aspects missed that our video library has offered. It was something different than I’ve seen before and so much fun with everyone involved playing along. :pensive:

Although, like other threads, I believe our phenomenal mods do pass along our feedback as to the feelings of the transition to those that have the ability to do something in those regards. As long as we continue to provide details and discussion as to what the benefits of those shows to us are, then we can keep “fighting the good fight” and hopefully see them again someday one way or another. :clark_hv_4:

Absolutely agree! :sunglasses: :+1:

It was nice seeing them talk about all things DC. Working my way through the Swamp Thing Binge Watch Edition (also added to the list of things I will miss) and it is bittersweet seeing the DC Daily crew in between each episode of Swamp Thing. :pleading_face:

In the end though, I always be very grateful for what DCU was able to provide us with all it offered these past couple of years that we’ve had it. :superman_hv_3:


I’m going to echo those who will miss the option of reading comics on TV; it was a simple, fun way to involve the family - my wife read Black Mirror, Year One, Justice League Origin and more with me and got her interested in more content. While still possible to use my phone and mirror on to the screen, it’s not the same experience. Please reconsider!


I’m just glad it will still be around. This place helped me figure out where to start with the comics and now I read a comic at least once a day

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There are 94 days left before this DC Universe goes away. I will be doing all I can to watch the following shows before then to get as much out of this as I can and to leave no meat on the bone, so to speak. Comics? Those will have to wait until January 21st because from then on I’ll be like Burgess Meredith in The Twilight Zone - nothing to do in here but read!

  • Titans
  • Birds of Prey (series)
  • Superboy
  • Human Target
  • The Flash (1990)
  • Krypton
  • Swamp Thing

The only thing on here that I will have wanted to see but won’t have time for will be The Adventures of Lois & Clark and I’ll simply have to catch that on DVD from my local library. Speaking of which - for those that are library users like me the only series I could not find at my local library were Human Target, Superboy and The Flash (1990). So if you really want to watch those shows now’s the time because after January 20th it’s unknown if they’ll be available anywhere on line for “free” like they are now with our subscription.

Now if you’ll excuse me - I have some TV watching to get to!