What is Free To Stream on the Front Page?

Is it for free trial people?

If you have a free trial, I think you can stream everything for as long as the trial lasts. I may be wrong though.

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Hey @TheHelloThereDude, are you asking about, as @iwjgamer25.96581 mentioned, the free trial’s access? If so, you should have access to everything. But if referring to what’s being advertised on the front page right now, that’s just restricted to the first episode of each of our original shows (so Titans, Young Justice: Outsiders (Season 3 only), and Doom Patrol). :slight_smile:


Yep! Even non-subscribers can view those episodes without signing up at all. They don’t even need an account!

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I am not seeing a free to stream. Is it not visible if you are a subscriber?

Never mind, I see it. I wasn’t looking in the right place. lol.

They’re free enticements to nab new subscribers.

It’s the digital equivalent of dragging a dollar bill along the sidewalk into your brand new business to nab a new customer.

New subscribers get ALOT of badass stuff and they’ll definitely get their money’s worth many times over for sure!

DCU truly is The Place To Be =)


I know I have gotten more then my money’s worth. DCU has so much value for what we get it’s insane.

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