what is the darkest comic series on this app?

I want to read something dark, Corey, scary, deep.



The Saga of the Swamp Thing would be a good place to start. This landmark run by Alan Moore can be pretty dark. Also really well written and beautifully illustrated.


As mentioned Saga of Swamp Thing (Alan Moore) and I will add the Green Arrow Longbow Hunters miniseries

Animal Man isn’t really scary or gory, but it’s definitely a trip. Like, sometimes people be inside out kind of trip. I think it’s worth checking out.

Identity Crisis. Poor Sue Dibney. My girl Zatanna did some mind wipe damage too. Dr. Light was pure evil.
The Killing Joke
Blackest Night.

identity crisis

The Spectre is very dark, gory, and awesome.


I haven’t read it yet but, The Wildstorm seems to be a possibility because of past history and Grant Morrison.

Swamp Thing, Animal Man, anything Vertigo seems to qualify. Doom Patrol, the title says it all.