What is the next character/team you'd like to see be made in to a DC Universe original show?

As much as I love the new WildStorm, I’d love to see the old Wildstorm universe on screen. I know the Trinity, Justice League, Titans, Joker, Lex Luthor et al are the foundation that everything is built on, but now is the time for something new.

WildCats, Stormwatch, The Authority more then enough there to do animated, live action, tv, and movies.


The dark adventures of the Gotham Sirens!

And I’d want it to be super dark, like horror-esque :slight_smile:


Honestly, I’ll be happy with anything. As long as there’s a good story , I’m all in.

If budget weren’t an issue, I’d love to see Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz get a show. I really like their comic and their characters. Although, I only really like Simon when he has Jessica to spar with.

I’d love The Question to get his own series! Maybe add Green Arrow in the mix.


The Question will probably be on the Batwoman series.

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An animated Amethyst series.

Red hood, outlaws and blue beetle


The Question would be great or Doctor Fate. It might even be cool to see them working together. Doctor Fate is an immensely powerful character sadly restricted to side roles most of the time. If they let him have a show where he could really shine, I feel like people would recognize him alot better.


Red Hood and the Outlaws and Birds of Prey.

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I know I mentioned some upthread, but I want to add Booster Gold, who I think could make an amazing series, and his character growth would lend itself better stretched over many episodes vs a movie.

The Terrifics would be good