What movie or TV show do you want added?

Personally, I’m hoping for the last season of BTAS, Sub-Zero, all Star Superman, and maybe some more low-key Adam West? Really, they couldn’t go wrong adding anything.


I want them to add the ‘67 Aquaman cartoon.

I want them to continue Gotham!

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I’d like to see a live action Brave & the Bold show, with all of the characters being added in 2019 it would be doable.

The Question live action tv series would be good or Nightwing spin of from Titans.


^that guy knows what’s up


Question show? That could be amazing. I just finished watching Justice League Unlimited, and alongside Superman and Flash, Question was probably one of my favorite leaguers.

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Man of Steel and Wonder Woman, please!!!

The Batman animated series with Adam West as mayor & my favorite animated depiction of Catwoman voiced by Gina Gershon.

Also, Teen Titans Judas Contract & JL Dark.

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Also the last season of BTAS series is on here, they just put it on as another season included in the series.

When he says the last season of BTAS he’s talking about te New Batman Adventures which most people associate as the 3rd season/4th volume of BTAS. Dick Grayson becomes Nightwing and is replaced by Tim Drake as Robin with a bigger role by Batgirl as well. I also would really like to see this added as well as Batman Subzero, that’s the content I want the most personally.

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Everything. I would love it if they didn’t take away movies. It would make more people subscribe if everything was here.

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All-Star Superman is coming so that is something.

As for what I want, Teen Titans: Judas Contract, Powerless, and Beware the Batman, and Jonah Hex.

Well, and the CW and DCEU movies also, but know those are not likely.


You’re right, I knew what he meant but they had em on here, they just added em to season 2. Idk when they removed them.

Please add ‘Beware the Batman’! It was a great series that ended too soon.

Please add ‘Super Friends: The Legendary Super Powers Show’ I watched this show as a kid and enjoyed it.

67 Aquaman

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Either Booster Gold + Blue Beetle movie or I want Booster Gold in Legends of Tomorrow

SHAZAM! both the live action series and the Filmation animated series

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