What new comics are you reading today?

I read comics when a story arc is done or an issue is a one-shot. Busy day today.

Black Hammer/JLA 1-5.
Flash 85(Captain Cold and the Rogues)
JLO 15(Darkseid)
Wonder Woman 82(Cheetah)
Catwoman 17.
Event Levithan 1-6. and it’s tie ins. (better be good Bendis) Tales From The Dark Multiverse Blackest Night #1


I’m currently working my way through the latest run of Green Arrow and O’Neill’s run on The Question


Will Enjoy
Black Hammwr Justice League
Gideon Falls
Savage Sword of Conan

Batman’s Grave
Doctor Mirage
Fallen Angels
Family Tree
Far Sector
Justice League Odyssey
The Dollhouse
X men

Batman and the Outsiders
Event Leviathan
Gotham City Monsters

Not Easy to Understand
House of Whispers

Much Worse than Peak
Detective Comics
Wonder Woman


The one I’m definitely most excited about is The Batman’s Grave #2. Issue 1 was fantastic.

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Black Hammer/JLA was a fun read.
I cannot remember a book written by Jeff Lemire that I didn’t enjoy. I Definitely need to read more of his books.
Micheal Walsh did an excellent job telling the story.
Look for little things he did in the story like shadows.
And I need to read more books with his art. He has mostly drawn for Marvel and Dark Horse. I hope he does more DC comics.
4/5 dogwelders.


JLO 15…Dex-Starr at his finest!!

Did you read X-men #2?


My vision is not the greatest and my tablet is not working.

So I am using my Android Phone.

I am frustrated by the whole x men line of titles as they are not clear and often have a lot of text.

I just went through both issues and I have no idea of what is going on.

Most comics I go through this way I get an idea of what is goong on.

Some books are best read through arcs.
But since this storyline was coming out every other week I was keeping up with it.
I haven’t read the X books since Morrison but with this hype over Hickman writing them I dived in.
Maybe you should wait till the first arc is done.
And two words…Island sex

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This week I bought my first physical comic book since 2011! I switched to digital when the New 52 started, but I was so excited about Far Sector I decided I wanted to own every issue. I still plan to do most of my reading digitally, but for the next twelve months I’ll be visiting the shop when the new Far Sector comes out!


Just recently started reading Gotham Academy with a friend’s daughter, we’re loving it so far!


I’m reading the OMAC/Infinite Crisis ARC.

I’m bouncing between the OMAC project and OMAC “tie in’s”

Just finished the countdown to infinite crisis or the Murder of Theodore Kord.


Welcome to the community DCMaster52.

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With the “rebirth” of the Legion- I’ve been reading a lot of old Superboy and the Legion of Superheros stories-and I have recently fallen in love with Daredevil


Nice to know I am not the only one who does this. Just seen too many times with an event that release dates for tie-ins don’t always fit with the chronological order of the story.

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I have been rereading the Batman Rebirth run. I like what King did up until the Wedding Issue.

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Just finished Crisis on Infinite Earth’s and am ready for the CW version :+1:t2::grin:

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Think I’m going to tackle Blackest Night next.

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Great choice.
Tell us your opinion when you are done.

I’m sitting on the whole Morrison Green Lantern run.
I guess today is the day I finally dive into it. I hear 50/50 on if it is good.

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