What new comics are you reading today?

JLA 37 is a must read today.
New Years Evil #1 will be second.
It’s a light day reading wise for me.

Im currently reading-

  1. Hellblazer- john constantine- original sins vol 1
  2. Hellblazer- john constantine- the devil you know vol 2
  3. Death- Neil Gaiman DC Vertigo book
  4. the Batman Who Laughs by Scott Snyder/Jock
    I’ve recently read-
    Green lantern new 52 vol 6 - the life equation
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Just finished current issue of Justice League Odyssey
Much better with new writer and no Cyborg Starfire and Azazel
Kept Jessica Cruz. Other characters are Red Lantern Cat Blackfire and Orion.
Very Readable

As is Teen Titans Buring Rage Tim Drake Raven Starfire Beast Boy Haw Dove Mento

Superman was surprisingly good

I am waiting for the new JLO to drop tonite…I have been enjoying all the JLA titles but that is about it.


I read JLO today, it was good.


I just finished it…what a cliffhanger!!