what’s something you finally read because it was available on DC Universe

The Fourth World by Jack Kirby. Read New Gods and Forever People and am finishing Mr. Miracle. It’s amazing to see the greatest super hero artist of all time at his peak. I really recommend if you liked Tom King 's Mr. Miracle.

I’m reading Hitman, stopped reading DC when this title started. It had been so long I had forgotten Tommy vomiting on Batman, made me laugh all over again.

The Dark Knight Returns. I’ve heard a lot about it since it has inspired the recent theatrical incarnations of Batman, but I haven’t had the chance to read it until now.

To chime in again, the Batman: Prelude to the Wedding one-shots.

I had zero interest in these when they came out last year, but once they’re all here, I’ll give them a whirl and see how they are.

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Planetary. I may not have ever gotten around to it if it weren’t on here, and I’m so glad I did.


Kingdom Come. I know this is silly since it’s so readily available physically, but I never made myself sit down and read it. But with DCU, I was able to just download it and read it as I go about my day. It goes without saying that it’s phenomenal!!!

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Swamp Thing!


Red Son, War of the Supermen, Origin of Skeletor, Origin of Hordak
Great quick reads

Geoff Johns Green Lantern. A few issues seemed familiar like Cowgirl and Hal being in Russia looking for her but everything about the various ring colors seemed unfamiliar.

I remember Martain Manhunter being dead and the Hawks and others being brought back to life but the rest of Blackest Night and Brightest Night was unfamiliar. I may not have bought the other issues at the time because of dislike of the theme.

Injustice Gods Among Us.

It’s awesome. I doubt you’ll see Alfred kicking the crap out of Superman in any other comic that takes itself seriously.

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Some of the early Batman Beyiond books and Brightest Day/Blackest Night! Metal is up next!

Harley Quinn, and I amso glad I did, that took is awesome.

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Really enjoyed the rebirth green arrow stuff as well he’s not one of my top heroes so I never picked up the trades because there was so much else I wanted to get.

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Let’s see… Blackest Night, Lobo, the Crisis series’, and I don’t recall what else that would fit in the “finally” category. I’ve been trying to get caught up on a lot of the stuff I missed in the late '80s through the early 2000s.


Morrison’s Animal Man! Before it was taken off…

The Alan Moore Swamp Thing stories are must read!

@cexyg have you read the new 52 stuff. I far prefer that story but that’s just me

Everything I’ve read. The way some run’s are formatted, jumping from one series to another. Is to much of a bother (expensive) when you don’t have a local Comic book store.

95% of everything Ive read on DCU, I probably wouldnt have read if it wasnt for the app.

The comics service method of paying a few bucks a month and getting a massive library is just unbeatable. Especially since buying comics can really kill your wallet.