What would you like to see in season 6 of Teen Titans

I’ve been writing a Teen Titans season six script for awhile now and I would love to know what the community wants in it. Would you like it to be darker than the original show (think like Justice league type dark not Titans dark.) or keep it’s current drama-comedy style


The history of best boy

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I think a good balance of comedy and drama is what makes Teen Titans feel like Teen Titans. Too goofy and you get Teen Titans Go. Too serious and you get Titans. Best to walk a middle path.

As for what I’d like to see… Starfire never got to be the focal point of a major story arc in the first 5 seasons. It’s her time to shine.


I would like to see them grown up. There’s never been a Teen Titans animated series where their adults. Personally, I’d rather see a Teen Titans vs The JL Starfire;, Raven etc.

Teen Titans meet Gen^13

I’d like to see Robbin and Starfire finally be a thing I’m season 6

Resume where the story left off

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Try to involve red X haven’t seen him in the minute still curious who it is

Donna Troy!