What's New This Week on DC Universe - 1.15.19

i am excited for you to add Brother Power and the Old Booster Gold series. Time Masters would also be awesome. That’s all from the same era.

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Also tried to create my own thread many times it won’t let me…ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

This is great! Love all of the new content. I’m Still working on some last chance series before they go in Feb., but once I’m done with those I will be reading Gotham City Sirens :slight_smile:

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Link doesn’t work

Have you contacted the Support Center about that issue?

Are you using mobile? If so, you may need to go online for the link to work, but it may not be a bad idea to also contact the Support Center.

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PLEASE bring back DC Spotlight: Aquaman!!!:ocean:


Does anybody know when the reign of the supermen will be on this app because theirs no mention of it at all

It’ll be out on Blu-Ray and here on January 29. :slightly_smiling_face: But you can get it today on digital.

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Reign of the Supermen will be here on January 29th, two weeks from today.

The announcement that all future animated movies from Reign of the Supermen forward will debut on DCU the same day as their physical media releases are released was made in the Watchtower forum a few weeks ago.


Aww ok, that makes sense. Ty Vroom for the update!! Looking forward to all the new and future things that DCU will be offering!

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Can’t wait to read GL

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I’m very excited to re-read Geoff Johns’ “Green Lantern” run. I will admit that the ability to do so I was one of the main reasons I signed up for the service and I was very disappointed it was not available initially. The comics was the main reason I signed up for the service but this combined with comiXology unlimited basically gives me everything I could ever want on the comics front.

I am also quite excited for the release of “Reign Of The Supermen” in two weeks. I would have gone to the theater to see the double feature this past weekend but unfortunately my local theater did not pick up that run.

DC universe may have been off to a rough start but it is getting steadily better. Adding the streaming functionality to the Amazon fire stick finally allows me to enjoy the original television content. I look forward to watching “Titans” and “Doom Patrol”.


The comics section has improved tremendously in the past couple of weeks. Thank you to all the mods and the rest of the DCU staff for all of your hard work!!


I lo e yall i made a comment about this very same thing an hour or so ago please delete it i love yiu take my money lol yall are doing good



DCU comics had to differentiate themselves from Comixology Unlimited. This is great!


Thank you so much for all of this!!!

But a special thanks for Geoff John’s “Green Lantern” run​:grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:


I thought Super Sons had 16 issues. Only the first 12 are available. Will the other 4 be on here too?

So I finally got a Subscription to DC Universe after contemplating the decision for far longer than I needed to…

One of the best decisions I have made when it comes to online streaming services!!

I am not kidding when I say that the DC Universe service LITERALLY gets better and better with each passing day!

I’m loving the Comics selection, it’s getting more titles almost every day and some of the best and most important comics in the DC comics history.

Obviously the shows and movies have been great, and Season 3 of Young Justice has been terrific already, and we are only 6 episodes in!

Thank You DC! Can’t wait to see what’s next!!!


Keep up the good work. The comic section gets better each week.


Even though I haven’t skipped many years reading DC comics, and have read every week all the new 52 comics, and know the general path for characters like Flash and Green Lantern, what events happened for these two characters and their successors , and when, was not clear to me.

I guess the big changes occur in the ‘Crisis’ books, and we see the ramifications in the character’s regular book.

I used to love Green Lantern when I was ten. And liked his team ups with Flash.

I am reading Green Lantern, by Geoff Johns, and enjoying it very much.

He’s getting me to like Hal Jordan., again.

Geoff has put many characters in the stories, so it is not just super hero talking to super heroes. There are family members and a big respect for our military.

I am remembering now that I read this before, so I can binge it easier.

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