What's NOT on DC Streaming would you like added?

V for Vendetta comic!

I agree. There are only 5 live action
Films on here from what I can see. Of which 4 are the Christopher Reeves Superman and ancient Wonder Woman. How about something from the 21st century?

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Jonah Hex! Great underrated Josh Brolin film with Megan Fox.

Noting these suggestions - thank you, everyone!

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Already in bifeo library

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  1. I would love to see a contract for this streaming to get the DC movies 5 months after release of digital,DVD,and Blu-ray.

  2. Another great feature is to have the ability for you to give exclusive rights to buy tickets for dc movies a week early straight through you guys.

  3. It would be perfect if the first 3 episodes had free with commercials. It gives the subscribers a chance to see if these shows are worth the 7 dollars a month
    4)the wb DC tv series would be great if you had all of them on this streaming site


Thank you for your feedback! :slight_smile:

Justice League of America (1987) issues #33-36. Trying to read the whole series, but it’s missing those issues.

I would really like to see these movies
Justice League: Doom
Constantine: City of Demons
Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay
Batman: The Killing Joke
Batman (1989)
Batman Returns
Batman Forever (cuz horrible puns)
Batman & Robin (also terrible puns and blacklight race scene)

All DC animated movies should be on here as well as all live action movies from DC like the dark knight trilogie

Hey all! I’ve gotten the most recent requests to the team. As per usual, no promises, but y’all letting us know what you want to see definitely helps! :green_heart:


The live action movies have licensing agreements with HBO. The animated movies are rotated monthly.

I’d like to see Smallville, Superman Returns, and Green Lantern(2011) on here.

It would also be cool to see Batman ‘66 once the streaming rights become available. :blush:


I second Superman Returns…whenever the contract runs out with Netflix. Does anyone know when these licensing agreements run out?

Also, does Joker have any chance of streaming here? The HBO max debut is still a ways away.


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all the live action Batman movies

More shorts.

Like the Nightwing and Robin short that was released with “Justice League: Throne of Atlantis” or the “Gotham Girls” webtoons.

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The original Titans season 1 finale

Thanks everyone! All of the most recent requests have been added as well!

@Arrowverse57 - The S1 Titans finale is actually the first episode in Season 2!