What's NOT on DC Streaming would you like added?

I have Netflix, Hulu, and DC…

and yet I can’t watch justice league doom!

Why you do this?

Hi @stewart7521.12128! Firstly, I’d like to take the chance to welcome you to our little community. It’s great to have you here!

We do appreciate your suggestion, as well. While we can’t make any promises about what may be added to DC Universe next, I’d be more than happy to pass your feedback along to the rest of the team.

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Allow members to do video reviews of their favorite movies/shows which can be shared on twitter and youtube aswell as posted on their profile.

I would love to see a “steel” show that takes place in the titans/doom patrol universe.

Personally I’d like to see more movies and a lot more comics. I’m new here so I’d like to read as many comics as I possibly can and learn about all the history of the entire DC Universe. Would also really like to see The Killing Joke movie and novel on here as well

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Now that I heard Wildcat might be in Stargirl, my life is complete.

Thank you for the feedback and commentary, @amirsramjitsingh122.63706, @dhaverty74.94432 and @Behemoth!


I contributed? What did I say?

Eclipso. Looks like you’ve got a lot of the Darkness Within annual crossover, but the main event issues and the follow-up series would be great to have!


@nekouken.50548 welcome to the community. Enjoy the service.


The DC vs marvel comic’s because that would be awesome

Finish Doomsday clock please! also bring in all the vertigo content please!

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Not sure how they could license those. Considering that they are from two different groups. DC would probably need to pay Marvel money for the right to show that stuff on here. But I’m sure the mods will note your request.

Superman vs the Elite and Justice League Doom would be nice.

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I think it would be nice to have interactive games or more activities generated towards conventions or streaming abilities for not well known conventions.

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Ooh, yes!

Thank you once again for the awesome suggestions, everyone! I’ve made sure to pass this feedback along. :smile:

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the death stroke series would be a cool addition

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