What's the Best Cosplay You've Ever Seen? 👀

Good lord is that a calendar collection? :heart_eyes:
Put some silver bullets on stand by with that post :laughing:


In my head, that’s basically what’s happening… because it’s :100: something I would do. :joy:


Omg I didn’t know about the baby! :heart: Their wedding was awesome and their anniversary is tomorrow. I was sad about their forums too, but I think they’ve been gone for a long time. I still have a recording of their Joker making fun of a troll from the forums :joy_cat:


I never caught his name, but I met him at a convention last year.

But if I’m being honest, this is my favorite cosplayer :heart_eyes:




You know that feeling when two people just find each other? That’s the vibe I’m getting here. If that recording is SFW and you ever feel like sharing, you know where to find us!


That’s amazing!! I love his solution for breathing, it still looks like part of the costume.

Well folks, we can close the topic now. Time to go home.

And YES, that IS a tiny, dog-sized invisible jet, and YES, my heart is exploding.


:scream_cat: cuteee doggo :heart_eyes:


@MrJasonTodd and I have talked about wanting to do this low key.


you definately should :+1: the couple who came up with that is genius


I know he’s working towards Green Arrow and Black Canary, but it’s on our list


That’s adorable. :+1:
Definitely the best.


And I just watched Dark Knight today too so I hear it clearly.


I strive to be as good as this m’lady one day :pray:


I’m gonna go bleach my eyes.


I’m not a cosplayer myself, but I regularly attend a convention with some of the best cosplays I’ve ever seen, here are two of them from that convention.


I came to be a fan of Yaya Han when Heroes of Cosplay was on, and she’s done some rad DC cosplay.

Power Girl



Bombshells Zatanna

Chloe Dykstra, another Heroes of Cosplay contestant (and daughter of famed visual effects maestro John Dykstra, who has worked on many famous movies, among them Star Wars, Batman Forever and Aquaman) as Poison Ivy:


While I am just a beginner cosplayer with no knowledge of sewing or anything of that sorts, I have a personal one that I want to share because it means something to me personally. :warning:warning this is my face reveal:warning:

Last year at a small local comic con, I met @MrJasonTodd, who those of you on here may know is my significant other. At this time of my life, I was very shy and I never asked to take pictures of/with other cosplayers, not only because talking to new people is hard, but because I’m pretty camera shy as well. I was walking along the aisles and I turned a corner and I see this Red Hood across the room, who turned around at that exact moment and waved to me. I was cosplaying as Batgirl. It was like I had tunnel vision, because all I saw was him and everything else around me was like static. With a shot of newfound adrenaline, I bolted over and asked “Can I get a picture with you?” and then proceeded to fangirl. We took a picture, but my phone for some reason wouldn’t accept it (which was weird, and that was the only time that it had done that), so we took another one. At that point in my life, I had never met or seen anyone cosplay as Red Hood, so that was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me and I thought that was it. I never thought that I would see him again but I was really excited about it. Later that day, I eventually saw him without the helmet, and yes, I thought he was cute (still do). On August 16th, Jason Todd’s birthday, I went to another con and he was there. He recognized me and we got to talk a little bit. I found out that he was apart of this Cosplay for Charity group, one that raises awareness for children and people who have special needs, and he recommended that I joined and I did. In December, we met up again and spent the entire afternoon talking together at an event. Eventually I got his number, and when Birds of Prey came out, he asked me to go see it with him as a date, and we told each other of our crushes that we had on each other, and needless to say, we have been together for 8 months now. I know that this post is getting a bit long, but DC, especially Jason Todd, is what led us to meet and I have never met anyone who gets me the way he does, and we work so well together that people IRL have said it’s almost scary at how much we are alike and connected. Even though 2020 has been a rough year, he is the positive source that gets me through it. Though our story is just beginning, I hope it’s one that keeps going. DC has always been my home fandom, and I have someone that I can share that passion with.


Congratulations on the happy 8 months together and hope you two have many many more.


Nice story! Glad it worked out that way for you both :+1: