Whats the difference between Queen Bee (Zazzala) and H.I.V.E. Queen?

I’m still confused, after reading several related issues, as to what H.I.V.E. Queen’s role is in the DC Universe post New 52+Rebirth compared to post crisis Queen Bee. It seemed at first like H.I.V.E. Queen was to be the answer to the confusing multiple iterations of Queen Bee and the unrelated H.I.V.E., essentially lumping them all together into a single Queen Bee who is in charge of a single H.I.V.E. However, rebirth plastic man showed that Zazzala is still around and H.I.V.E. Queen has also shown up in Rebirth through Red Hood and the Outlaws so like whats the deal? The two characters have essentially the same powers, same motives and same influence, and I absolutely love H.I.V.E. Queen’s design so I was fine with her being Zazzala’s new redesign. But despite adopting her ability to integrate humans into drones, alien tech, and bathes of honey, H.I.V.E. Queen seems to not be Zazzala nor Queen Bee at all for that matter (which is a shame because I so desperately want to call her Queen Bee). I’m just lost and the characters and H.I.V.E. seem to be even more confusing than they were before.
Queen Bee has always been one of my favorite villains, I just wish her situations wasn’t so confusing!
If ANYONE has any insight I’m all ears