What's your DC Comics New Year Resolution? 2019-2020 edition


Just Frank.Miller and Kevin.Smit .runs

Except for Avengers in the past.and Thor Fantastic Four and X men in recent times
I have not been heavily in Marvel.since maybe 1998.

Hopefully get through half of my comic list on DC Universe that I have been adding to all year.

Well I guess we’ll see you on Groundhog’s Day then buddy!

Maybe give him some details?

Maybe, lol.

Now that Community here has calmed down I may figure out a way to reach out and invite others. Not sure I want to announce in a blast, and frankly few would see it if I did I am thinking.

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To resist the urge to pick up any new frank miller book. I already told my comicshop guy to deny me purchase in the future, so next time frank drops a pfft, ill just come here and read some good “old” frank.