What's YOUR favorite DC show in 2019?

Young Justice, hands down

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Lucifer & Titans!

Hahahahaha! I damn near spit up my coffee reading that lol

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this new community is amazing the way its layout and new editing tools are amazing I can’t wait for everthing else to be release i’m excited. Definitely going to have even more on fun in the community with new and shiny stuff :smile: :sunny::star_struck::cowboy_hat_face::partying_face:

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Love this Poll definitely watched a lot of these shows.
My Top 3:

  1. Doom Patrol
  2. Titans
  3. Black Lightning

#1 Doom Patrol
#2 Titans ( but it could be #1 once S2 is over!)
#3 Swamp Thing and Pennyworth (a tie!)


I enjoyed DC television this year, but I have to give it to Doom Patrol. Doom Patrol exceeded my expectations, and I can’t wait for the second season.

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Live Action? Doom Patrol.

Animated? Young Justice.

With that said, can we just pause for a moment to relish the fact that we have like seventeen different DC shows from which to choose in 2019? Truly a golden age…


Without a doubt arrow this season with just 2 episodes maybe the best series ever

Would say Doom Patrol

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Arrow and Titans for me. I have to catch up on Flash and Doom Patrol. Interested in taking on Krypton too.


2.0 is shiny Cap’n! Did you see the new cabinets in the Kitchen? How about the new carpet? Golly, new carpet smells great. Oh look, there are DCU drapes, too! They match!

2.0 just keeps rockin’, and how!

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I went with:
-Doom Patrol

Haven’t seen Watchmen yet but cant wait for HBO Max so I can possibly catch up.

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Doom Patrol
I was hooked on the the first episode can’t wait for season 2


Me too! I cannot wait!!! :harley_hv_3:

I gotta say I am really enjoying Titans season 2 even if there is a lack of condiments on the show.

I haven’t seen a single squrt of ketchup all season, or even a drop of salt. Leaves much to be desired.

4 outta 5 horseradishes radishing

I’m digging Titans season 2 right now. Just sad to see Arrow ending. But on the bright side Crisis should be epic!

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Legends forever! To the waverider!

Hmm…that’s tough. My top shows would have to be Titans, Doom Patrol, Krypton, and last season’s Supergirl. Though I have to say the first half of Arrow’s S7 was pretty awesome with the prison arc.

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