What's you're favorite storyline of all time?

You can only pick one. All time favorite story. Period. Mine is John Byrne’s man of steel, so classy and pure, old school at its best.


Before I answer, are we talking comics, any DC media, or any story at all?

Mainly comics, but i do love movie storylines as well. I know its hard to pick just one, so if you have a couple fire away.

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Dc media is cool too

Well, if we’re allowed to pick adaptations, then Almost Got 'Im from Batman: The Animated Series. Not quite sure why I love that one in particular so much, but I guess with all the death traps, it’s like the best elements of both TAS and the Adam West Batman in one episode, with some great lines and a cool twist at the end.


Very classy. Good choice.


My top 3
1: COIE - it was a groundbreaking story arch for the entire industry. Real, top shelf heroes can die.

2: the JLU Question, other universe where Superman kills President Lex, cover up. - the way it wound thru the show. It was never a main story storyline. I thought was crafted very well.

3: The great darkness saga - it sets in stone (pun intended) that the greatest villain in the DCU is Darkseid. He is the threat that lasts through generations. More universe spanning than any other threat in the DCU, even Vandal Savage.


Gotta thank paul dini for that one.

Dark nights metal

I love COIE, marv wolfman is so talented man, so much depth in his writing.

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Never read the darkness saga honestly. Gonna put that on the list.

What would you consider a story? I love JLA Rock of Ages, Batman Hush, and Justice League New Beginning, not to mention Crisis on Infinite Earths and could pick one of them.

However, if allowed, I think my favorite story is Jack Knight series Starman, the whole finite series. To me it is one continuous story when things shown early on come to completion by the end of the series. I understand if something like this was not your intent. Jack Knight’s story from issue zero on is just amazing to me.


By the way, if it had been limited to just comics, I would’ve gone the same way as DeSade-acolyte and picked COIE. I love how it works in so many different characters and ideas from across the DC multiverse.

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Jack nights starman is legendary dude! One of my fav golden age heroes.


Dark knights is sweet. I love when supes goes to the fortress and is confronted by all of them.

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Yea coie is very expansive. Lot of material to learn if you’re new to dc.

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Kingdom Come, hands down.

Superman: Red Son

Superman: Last Son

Wait, was this a superman question? lol


It wasnt a supes question, but i love all the ones you said haha


(sorry I love it so much lmao)


It LoHS 290-294 should cover most of it, and those issues were dropped as part of the 20K books.