When are new comics added?

Can someone tell me when new comics are added

I’m looking at the “New to Read on DC Universe” bar and it currently displays 27 books starting with Aquaman # 55 and ending with Titans Together. Seeing as Wednesday is new book day in stores, I expected that section to update today, but it didn’t. Those are the same titles that were there on Saturday. Can someone tell me what day of the week the new titles are added?


Hi, KrazyJoe! New titles are usually added to DC Universe on Tuesdays at midnight, Eastern Standard Time — or Mondays at 9 PM, pacific.


New issue of Hawkman comes on January 12th. That is all you need to know.

Every month we have a coming and going list in the Watchtower section.

Here is the list for early January

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Thanks to HCQ and Matthew for the answers. They’re both correct! We try to be as transparent as possible with the release dates for the new comics, but starting from January you can expect them 6 months after their initial release in stores!


IIRC, the week twelve months ago was a skip week due to the holidays.