When Is Superman: Red Son Film Coming to DCU?

I was wondering when Superman: Red Son animated film was coming to the service? I could’ve sworn they said that it’d be on here when it came on home video.


User to be same day

Now 90 days after

It appears that AT&T/ Warner Brothers were not making enough money with same day.

If video sstreaming /sales/ rental does not cover cost of making movie

DC Universe does not have enough subscribersv to cover cost

If movies not profitable won’t make any more

any more news on this? 90 days is coming up but i havent heard anything

Hi @bddy2shoes!

Superman: Red Son will be available on DC Universe on June 17th! Check out our Coming Soon & Last Chance: June, 2020 to see all content coming and leaving (spoiler: NOTHING is leaving) for the entire month of June!


So just not going to hold to anything DC/Warner says about releases… this is why Marvel/Disney kills Warner/DC over and over again… makes me sad for my favorite characters​:man_facepalming:t2:


@OliverTwisted85 Could you elaborate on what you mean by releases? Because your statement is confusing. Especially when the announcement about the 90 days after the blu Ray release has been known to us since October.

DC Universe has maintained it releases DCAU films 3 months after release since the initial change. This is literally exactly 90 days after the blu ray release???

And if you’re gonna throw the Disney/Marvel comparison, how are those shows they announced coming along? Because the service launched in the fall and we’ll be lucky if What If comes this summer. It’s one thing to be frustrated; that’s fine. We all get frustrated. It’s another thing to throw out information that really doesn’t help one’s case.


I’m trying to find the advantage of keeping this subscription, when you still have to wait so long to see new DC animated movies. I can rent Red Son on multiple streaming platforms for less than $5. I wonder if this issue will be solved when HBOMax takes over.

DC has always been very clear about the way they must cycle some films on and off the platform and why they must have a 90 day waiting period for films like this.

If you’re questioning why keep the platform I think the main thing to consider is why do I subscribe to DCU. For me, it’s about comics. Having so many at my disposal has saved me so much money and allowed me to really dive into so many stories I’ve been dying to read. I also adore the community section and feel that the amount of shows/movies on at any given time is plenty for me. All and all, it’s well worth the money I pay. But, yeah, if all your on here for are the 2 or 3 DC Animated films that get released a year, then this probably isn’t the platform for you. Nothing wrong with that, just something to consider.

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The 90 day announcement was made month ago in October. The moderators were upfront in letting us know this.

Like @OmniLad said, if you’re looking at DC Universe as just a streaming service just for the new movies, then that’s a decision you’ll have to make on your own on whether or not you’d like to keep it.

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Guess I was mistaken, I thought all the movies would eventually end up on the DC platform

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@drewjason.64072 the newer animated movies will be here, it’s just 90 days after their Blu-Ray release as per the announcement this past October.

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