When the Full Comic Library Will Be Available

When is the full library going to become available? Will it be discounted from kindle prices? Will there be a wider release of comics available to read for free so as to incentivize us? Like more than one Hellblazer comic? And I need my Batman Beyond Rebirth fix. Any mods reading this please give us an official update because I have been on google and haven’t found much.


These are all questions that have been asked every day for last 2 1/2 weeks


It’s a mystery

I can answer that you ya. It’s pretty simple - NEVER. They are NEVER going to offer every comic DC has ever published on this site, for $7.99 a month. And do you know why? Because it’s just not good business sense to do so.

You see, they currently make a pretty good profit selling digital and paper copies of their comics every day. And offering them here, for a measly $7.99 a month, would effectively kill their digital and hard copy business, because why would anyone buy them if they could read ALL of them here, for $7.99 a month?

So, please just let this go. You’re NEVER going to get EVERYTHING they have, ALL the comics they have ever published, EVERY movie and Animated series they have EVER made, all here at once for $7.99 a month. Or for $79.99 a month. Or for $799.99 a month. It would KILL their business, and then no more website, no more movies, or animation, and no more comics.


Apparently it seems to make good business sense for Disney because Marvel Unlimited is still going strong and thriving despite the ability to also buy single issues and trades on Comixology and Amazon. Disney would kill it quick if money was being lost.


I’d love the majority of the library but I’m not expecting it. I just want complete series

The selection is decent enough for me to get into but every issue of a series would make a big difference

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The difference between Marvel Unlimited and DC Universe is that Marvel Unlimited is strictly comics with no video streaming, no movies, no TV. This isn’t going to be Marvel Unlimited with original shows . They’re concentrating on the streaming aspect and the comics will be available on a rotating basis based on what they want to promote. If you’ve come for unlimited comics, they’re not doingnthat

The amount of content on this app is worth $1.99 - $2.99 a month. The comics selection is almost unreadable as it’s several issues #1s and very few issue #2s. I didn’t pay for this to read a bunch of chapter 1s and left hanging and frustrated 15 minuets later when I can’t access the next issue. This app is a slap in the face to loyal fans

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@Ben_Grimm as stated above- and almost everywhere other thread that whines about the comic section- comics are not the main focus of this app. They’re more or less a perk. And also as one commenter above stated, giving you full access to their library for the price of this service would cripple their comic sales. It wouldn’t make any business sense to give us their entire library for next to nothing.


Comic readers aren’t the only loyal and true fans. The app is worth the measly $8 per month to a lot of people! I love comics but there’s more to the property universe than just those.

From the very beginning, the service was never made out to be like Comixology or Marvel Unlimited but much more. Comics were of course promoted but the focus was always on original shows, films and tv series.

The trailer for the app showed the comics section but heavily featured everything else. Promotional images showed a lot of Christopher Reeve’s Superman, Keaton’s Batman, Animated Batman and original show logos along with the community section.

Look up comments in other places and you’ll see that there are people who mostly signed up for the films and original shows and while others feel certain animated stuff is worth the $8 per month to them. The comics section in the community is not the only active section.

If you signed up just for the comics and especially went ahead with the yearly subscription, you should really blame yourself! The comics are a bonus addition, deal with it!

Oh and some of you need to stop being hypocrites, talking about DC slapping fans in the fans and screwing loyal fans while your user name is based on a marvel character and have a marvel profile pic!


Superhero comic sales have been sliding across the industry for years. This app is suppose to be the future of DC. It’s their direct outlet to their consumers and fan base. Most companies are striving for an app like this to cut out middle men. On the comics end it cuts out publication and printing costs and they don’t have to share profits with retailers. The same goes for film and television, less advertising opportunities but no distribution fees or licensing with television networks.

Someday this app may be the ultimate one stop for DC, but right now this app only offers the scraps of licenses that they could recoup, while the rest they had already sold to places like Netflix and can’t offer here yet until those rental licenses end several years from now. I’ve been loving watching Lois and Clark again and Batman Beyond but I’m only watching because I’m trying to make the most of this app, I wasn’t exactly begging to have binge sessions of 90s tv shows. And the exact same can be said of the comics, a tiny handful of gems and the rest are just scraps. This app launched as an incomplete product.

If you’re offended that my username is a marvel character, I can admit to you all day long that Batman is way cooler than Iron Man with full sincerity, but unfortunately Batman is fictional and doesn’t run Time Warner. I’ve been a consumer of comics and related media for over 30 year and don’t steal or bootleg. For the past several years DC has been advertising amazing offerings, but far more often than not I end up with buyers remorse. I’ve been a fan since I was 3 years old but I won’t be a blind fan. Over the last few years DC has proven better at a great marketing and hype campaign, but sub par (not awful) at delivering the goods. Eventually the company needs to hear from its consumers that “good enough” isn’t good enough. DC has the biggest potential out of any entertainment company period, but they’re barely realizing that potential.

I will always prefer a hardcopy of reading material in my hand and on my bookshelf over binary data that can lose compatibility with software as time goes by.

I purchased this subscription for all the awesome streaming content, old and new.

I enjoy seeing comics that I can read and check out that I either can’t afford to buy or wouldn’t otherwise buy. It’s a great way to get an introduction to characters and stories that I may want to add to my bookshelf. There are several featured complete sagas available on this service, too. Not just #1’s. It’s cool to see the rotating curated collections as a complete storyline to read and not the exact same stuff showing up on my home page all the time.


ben grimm are you for real or just a troll.

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ben grim this is a streaming service that added comics at the last minute. maybe it will change to being dc unlimited but thats not the current plan. it would be nice but that was never the plan. if you came for comics to a streaming service you made a mistake. maybe try netflix out and see let us know their selection of audio books?

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I have to say, I didn’t think it was sold as a streaming service with comics as a bonus. It’s kind of weird for a streaming service not be easily accessible (yet) on a smart tv, xbox, or PS4. Comics are the main reason I joined, with the shows as a bonus. As far as the comics go, if there aren’t going to be more issues they should at least have completed story arcs available. This 1 issue stuff is lame.


Weren’t they already selling digital comics on their main site for like YEARS now? How hard is it to add those files over to this app?


I agree that we need more complete story arcs in the comics. But when talking about needing more content, I feel like we are still missing a ton in the streaming section. I understand thatchy are not going to dump all there content on day one, and will role stuff out over time, but why are they removing stuff? Sure the comics are a rotating selection, but if this is a streaming app (with comics as a bonus); then where is everything?

Licensing. They have let other networks/services pay to have some or the movies and shows to earn revnue, at least until this service starts seeing a profit from its membership base.

Licensing makes sense on why certain stuff isn’t on here, but not removing it. Yeah, no streaming service has stuff stay on there forever, but the four original Batman movies were not on here a full month. And DC has a finite amount of movies and TV and since for licensing issues they can’t add any shows currently airing on TV or the DCEU movies, The original 4 Batman movies (or well, at least the first 2) are some of the most notable and well regarded DC movies that were on the app. So why did they only last a month? And don’t get me wrong, I am sure there was some reason and that wasn’t just decided at random. But unless some rights issues or something made it legit to expensive to keep them on for longer then they did, I don’t think that is a good move.

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The four Batman movies being added were last minute. The service was supposed to launch on the 12th with Titans readily available. Batman Day was on September 15th and they decided to launch it then, a month early, because they thought it would be a better marketing tactic. And wince it wouldn’t make much sense to launch without a plethora of Batman stuff on Batman Day, they scooped them up early to celebrate, but were only able to license then temporarily. I’m sure we’ll see them back on here again soon, probably forna much longer period. I could easily see things staying on this platform fornsix months to a year at a time, especially stuff that no longer airs. Like when’s the last time you saw Richard Donners Superman on cable?