Where are all the dc movies?

I was looking throug showbox which is a free app and there are more dc original movies there than there are on this paid app. For instance, Batman Harley Quinn. Batman year one. Justice League vs teen titans, justice league dark, Constantine, the killing joke, doom. And so on. None of these are on this app

Because those services pay for that, DC gets them whenever they are available. It’s kind of like sharing a product.

ShowBox is a borderline illegal app that does not pay for licensing fees to stream or download its content, made available through torrents.

DC Universe follows a model similar to services like Netflix or Hulu, which pays licensing fees for its content. This is why we have a limited library of content. Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Hi @yeshuaziwa225! Due to licensing and current contracts, such as the one you mentioned, we aren’t able to have all content available here. However, keep an eye on the Watchtower as we will always announce what is coming and going there. Here is the most recent thread discussing which video content will be coming and going this month and next: https://www.dcuniverse.com/community/boards/watchtower/what-movies-are-coming-to-a


Showbox is an app that allows for piracy.

Piracy takes money away from production companies that create content. That makes it more difficult to make quality content, as there is less money in making it. Do you want people staling your hard earned money?

Piracy is a crime. I hope EVERY showbox user is arrested, convicted of the felony that piracy is, thrown in jail for the maximum sentence allowed by law, without possibility of parole and fined the largest amount allowed by law.


All of those movies were on here for quite a while. They may not be on here now, but they were.

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Thank you very much for the input and the tips, accept for the one about piracy and imprisonment, it’s a bit excessive. But all the other comments helped me a lot and makes me happier to keep paying for this great app