Where have our comics gone If you are upset like I am let them know


That worked! Thank you for the suggestion. :slight_smile:

Regarding the decision to remove …

I said in another thread that DC still has a lot to learn about customer service. Had DC decided to share that they were going to remove this, explained why and opened up the topic for discussion I strongly suspect that it would have been accepted with far less concern.

Unilateral, uncommunicated, decisions like this come off as being arrogant and uncaring. That creates resentment. I don’t think DC gets that yet. They want this to be a community but choose not to treat it as one. This is the root cause of dissatisfaction regarding this issue.

They are doing better, but have a long way to go before they understand internet community dynamics.


I think a little transparency would have been nice


Who cares

Their reasons are valid, but I would have appreciated the promised two weeks’ notice just on principle. I wouldn’t have read it (see also: principle), but I would’ve appreciated it.


So does that mean anytime someone screws up in the real world DC just S cans everything they ever worked on. Punish every single person who worked on these books by not letting their work come out, or perhaps just take the one name off.
For those wondering here is a list of books DC will never carry on this service. Justice League Europe #14–57, Annual #2–5
Justice League America #0, 93–113, Annual #9
Justice League Spectacular #1
Martian Manhunter: American Secrets, DC Comics
Batman: Fortunate Son, DC Comics, 1999
Batman: Jazz #1–3
Elongated Man #1–4
Godwheel #0–3
Green l (Volume 3) #1–47, DC Comics, 1990–1993
Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn #2–6 (With Jim Owsley, Keith Giffen, M.D. Bright and Romeo Tanghal), DC Comics, 1989–1990
Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn II #1–6, DC Comics, 1991
Green Lantern: Mosaic #1–18, DC Comics, 1992–1993
Guy Gardner: Reborn #1–3
Guy Gardner #1–10

Justice League Europe #14–57, Annual #2–5
Justice League America #0, 93–113, Annual #9
Justice League Spectacular #1
Martian Manhunter: American Secrets, DC Comics

If the writer in question’s particular despicable actions are the reason the issues were pulled than I understand (it was my first assumption but I thought the whole series was written by someone else instead of just the first issue). I also get why DC has been reluctant to say anything as it could open them up to legal action and won’t be surprised at all to see these threads disappear.

That said I still think that its incredibly disingenuous for DC not to say something. A simple thread in the Watchtower saying that they were pulling the issues and couldn’t say why would have gone a long way to halt a lot of bad feeling and at least acknowledge that something was removed even if there was no reason given.

I think its also incumbent on DC to be consistent. There are other titles on this service (including Day of Vengeance) by creator’s convicted of similar crimes. Also no fewer than three convicted, admitted or credibly accused appear in the Superman documentary on the video section. I’d also hope DC does their research before adding more content to avoid this problem in the future.


For me, the reason we all are assuming that DC Universe took the content down is a totally valid reason. But the method by which they did it signals that they prioritize a hypothetical PR challenge over fulfilling their very real promises to us. They also don’t appear to trust this 18+ community to be able to hear the reason and accept it. This is not how a service for the fans should act. But that’s just one fan’s opinion.


If that is in fact the reason it’s likely their legal team won’t allow them to say it is and that’s perfectly fair… But just pulling the titles and not acknowledging that they were going to be leaving until several days later was not a good move.

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I think we’re all making a huge assumption.

Kevin Spacey is a much more well known person, and his issues are much more public and recent. Netflix had gone so far as to cancel one of their top rated shows because of Spacey’s actions. And yet, his participation in DC works is being tolerated.

It doesn’t make sense for DC to be so incredibly hypocritical. So, the assumption about Emerald Dawn being removed because of Jones’s actions doesn’t make sense. Please don’t respond to this with even more theories and assumptions about why Spacey is acceptable, but Jones is not. Our assumptions don’t matter.

In the end, we are the subscribers. DC wants to keep subscribers. We should voice our desires in these forums, and they’ll be heard.

If enough people want Emerald Dawn, it’ll be delivered. If enough people want Vertigo, it’ll be delivered.

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