Where is Adam West Batman show?

The title of the thread says it all, where is Adam West Batman show and animated movies. It’s one reason I’m checking out this app?


I’d be patient. This isn’t even supposed to be open until Saturday. Plus they will be adding content all the time. I’m in for 15 months so we will see how it goes.


Certainly. I can already think of a few tv series that should be here. I am sure it won’t be long.

I get that there supposed to adding content all the time and this isnt suppose to be live until, but I was just thinking since it’s being released on Batman day that all the Batman content would be available.


Good question… Perhaps a better question… Where is the Frank Miller Spirit movie… (maybe not)

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I would :heart: to see the 1960’s Batman series!!


I mean this site has almost all the Batman shows including the old school Justice Friends. I’m surprised and disappointed that it not on here.
I grew up watching Adam West’s Batman, it would be nice if I could watch the episodes, relive favorite moments and scenes and lines

Occured before
Warner Brothers bought DC

It is owned by
Fox who created it
Which means
Disney who bought
Fox has rights to it.


It’s on The Hulu channel for free