where is Batman vs ninja turtles??

what happened to release on release dates?
I’ll be honest I’m a little disappointed… my membership was up on the first… I reupped for a year JUST because I wanted to make sure I could watch that this morning… instead there’s hush that can’t be watched… what’s the dealio??


Release on release dates applies to movies in the DC Original Movie line. Batman vs TMNT isn’t part of that line, so it’s exempt from that rule.

Factor in Nickelodeon’s ownership of the Turtles brand and they may not want it here the day it’s physical release hits stores.

Batman: Hush will be here however, as it is the next entry in the DC Universe Original Movie line. It will be here the day of it’s physical media release and no sooner.


I have a feeling we won’t be getting it because of Nickelodeon

That’s weak

Really tought DC was gonna come in the clutch.

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Great, a movie that I was Hoping to watch here, looks like I’ll be turning to Redbox instead, that’s just not right. Great, you guys have it for comic cross over, and then when the movie gets made, DC gets the shaft instead. Not cool.

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No their fault Nickelodeon is greedy and won’t them put it up on here.

Kinda should be something they work into their agreements since this app launched… they know they have the app… they know that it would have added to membership…

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I think it’s only because Nickelodeon, justice league vs the fatal 5 isn’t in the original DC storyline but was also added same day release its Nick’s characters too and they want some of the money they wouldn’t see if it was on DCs app

It’s all about $$$.

Why ar CWVERSE shoes not on here?
Netflix has a contract and is willing to pay more to WB than DCU can.

It’s the same reason content get rotated. They can make a deal with insert_streaming_service_here to have the property for a couple of months and make more money, and when that contract is done, it can show up back here.

The costs of bringing Batman v TMNT to DCU is prohibitively expensive.

I had a thread a while back that asked would people be willing to pay more in subscription cost for more content (the money has to come from somewhere).

The overwhelming response was “No”.