Where is Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay movie? Missing many animated movies.

Your site is supposed to have everything DC… It’s what I pay for right? Missing Suicide squad, reign of superman, the constantine movie, Nightwing and Robin short.

I’m not impressed.


Reign of the Supermen is indeed available in the movie section. I don’t remember the DCU being advertised as having every piece of DC comics content ever produced so I’m sorry if you were mislead.
I say this to everyone who has a grievance with the perceived lack of content on this app. If you are looking at DCU as purely a video streaming app like Hulu or Netflix I can see how one could be disappointed BUT this app is so much more than just another TV/Movie service. Between the comics, the community and the original content you can’t get anywhere else DCU is truly one of a kind.
I like to view, as limited as it is, the Tv and movie selections as just icing on the cake.


Oh also “The powers that be” are very good at listening to suggestions and request so if you ask for something chances are they will work as hard as they can to bring you the content you want. I cant count how many times we’ve as a community have asked for something and POOF it appears.


I love Hell to Pay


Nightwing and Robin short?

Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay can currently be found on Hulu.


Like most stuff, there are probably licensing issues. Other platforms may have an “exclusive” run on it. Once they run it, it’ll come to DCU.

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KidFlash, at absolutely no point has this platform said they’d have “all things DC, all the time”. That seems to be an assumption made by many. Many of their films and shows have licensing contracts that prevent them from showing stuff. These deals were made prior to the launch of DCU. Maybe once those deals have ended, more product will arrive. Some things weren’t even made by WB(Like the 1966 Batman series), so further deals will need to be done. Netflix has an exclusive deal for Arrowverse shows currently. HBO has been running a lot of the animated stuff lately. WB makes money off of licensing these shows and movies. So don’t expect it to completely end. Newer deals may allow DCU to run shows while others do. But until then, expect rotation and some omissions.


Just watched it on Hulu. Better than I was expecting!


I was in early stages of panicking as well… until I saw it was on HBOMax which I also have. Post pandemic though I am going to have to choose which services to keep and which to drop. The amount I have now is ridiculous.

Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay was a surprising entry in the DCAMU. I really liked it. And I was happy to see some characters made it into Justice League: Apokolips War. The King Shark/Captain Boomerang bit was hilarious in that movie.