Which characters do you think deserve a new solo title?

After this whole Year of the Villain is over with I would like to see:
Sinestro or Red Lantern Corps: I havent read there last runs but I feel like this would be interesting.
Zatanna: I love Zatanna more than just for her looks :joy:
Green Arrow: I liked the Rebirth run and was sad it was cancelled so abruptly.
Tim Drake or a Robins book: I would like to see either a solo tim or a team up between all the robins.
Titans: Brett Booth is one of my favorite artists and I loved his art in the beginning or Rebirth but we need consistent writing and for the writer to stay on the book for a while.
There are so many other characters that I would want for new solo series( not mini or maxi series) but I understand why they dont have one.


I fully back this @MBN0110 !!!


Also, Batwoman, hopefully with art by J. H. Williams III.

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Doctor Light! It doesn’t seem like she’s ever had her own series, she’s not even on this site’s encyclopedia, and I wanna see if she’s cool!


Maybe a team-up with the other Japanese heroes! Like those ones from Batman Inc.

Steel (Natasha Irons) - Would love to see Nat get out on her own. The legacy she inherited from John is one of the best in DC.
Firestorm - Its been too long since Robbie and the Professor had their own comic
The Demon - Hell is Earth limited series was really good. Would love to see Jason and Etrigan continue their adventures. Steve Niles would kill this… :grin:
Jonah Hex - Just one of the characters I absolutely love.
Mister Miracle - Tom King’s 12-issue maxie was beyond great. Need to see the further adventures of Scott, Barda, and the baby.
Hardware - Really the whole Milestone Universe, but Hardware was my favorite.

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I want my New Super-man Title back…

I think that Jonathan Kent deserves his own solo title. (If 5G is true, it’s coming)


So we definitely need some new Booster Gold content. Don’t get me wrong, I loved his brief appearances in Rebirth (Action Comics #993-999 in Booster Shot, Batman #45-47 in The Gift, and Heroes in Crisis).
We just need something that focuses primarily on the “hero we’ve never heard of” instead of just seeing him as a backup character in someone else’s title. His solo series spinning out of 52 is one of my favorite comic book series I’ve ever read, so something along that vein would make my day.