Which Hanna-Barbera Cartoon Characters Should Guest Star on TEEN TITANS GO!

Imagine, when Chronos sent the Titans on a time travel back to the stone age, and ends up in the city of Bedrock, when they meet with The Flintstones.



No, wait – Powerpuff Girls.

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I’ll say the Jetsons, since I like the Jetsons, and I’d like to see how they’d interact with Cyborg.

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El Kabong
Jonny Quest
Space Ghost
The Galaxy Trio
The Herculoids
The Impossibles
but most of all
Scrappy Doo (JK scrap this doo)

Wally Gator, when the Teen Titans thought he was Beast Boy (in gator form) while they make a hot pursuit after Slade.

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Wacky Races, with the Titans joining the race.

Or bring back the Super Friends. The contrast could lead into some pretty comedic stuff.

i think space ghost would of been a fun match and is more teen titan

Starfire brings in Top Cat and his gang (as pets) inside the Titans Tower. And later, T.C. decides to use the Tower as a hiding place away from Officer Dibble.

You forgot Blue Falcon & Dynomutt and Jabber Jaw :laughing:

The one and only Hong Kong Phooey!

Magilla Gorilla. When he gets purchased by Beast Boy and Cyborg (from Peebles’ Pet Shop), and makes him a new member of the Teen Titans.