who and why are people deleting my threads

I’m actually really mad right now, like really mad, it was all positive and I was talking bout how we were a family. I’m very mad and annoyed I’m already having a bad day and I wanted to come back and read comments but I can’t even do that now


I saw your thread over at Random. They just moved it.


Lol I feel like a fool now​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::joy:


That sucks, this app is really choppy and awkward there is no draft either I am sure it moved.

@thehellotheredude lol it’s ok they just moved it to random


I wish they would sent alerte to let you know if a comment has been moved or removed or responded to.

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Don’t worry it’s safe in Random section, the mods must’ve thought it was more random subject then general section. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just wanted to warn you, they might move this thread to random also.:slightly_smiling_face:


On a well designed forum, the bookmark would travel with the thread so that your bookmark will always find the thread.

Just the way it is everywhere else.

Heya @foxybridges, I’m sorry to hear you’re having a bad day, and that any action taken by the moderators to keep our boards organized might have made your day a little worse. To help, we do recommend reviewing the community guidelines at yourdcu.com/cmg . This will help guide the way in which you use the community forums, and better hone your understanding of their purpose and assist in creating thoughtful posts that serve the greater community.

I would also like to personally recommend that for individual issues, you contact our Help Center at yourdcu.com/help. This can help to clear up anything you are worried about without having to publicly address it.


@LonelyLobo, that’s the end goal! As of right now, we unfortunately will have to set expectations a case at a time until we have such functionality.

SN: This thread will also be moved to the “Random” section.