Who is Jordan Kent?

There was also an Elseworld titled “Son of Superman” starring a teenage Jon Kent a decade or so before he became canon. The idea that Clark would have a son named “Jonathan” has been around for a while

I think he could be based off of/take inspiration from any of the following:
A. Jon Lane Kent- He was the superboy from the new52 teen titans, and iirc he was a clone of Jon(as in Superman and Lois’ son Jon) And was also, like, a mass murderer from the future. If I remember correctly that is(I kinda want to fact check this one, I’m not sure I got all the info right here)
B. Chris Kent- Superman’s adopted son from the post-crisis universe. He was very sweet until he ceased existing.
C. Lor-Zod, or my least favorite theory. Lor-Zod was the attempt at reintroducing Chris Kent in rebirth…by making him a villain who helped his abusive parents, as averse to, you know, the kid who continually resisted their ideals, but that’s not the point here.
Now it’s obviously not going to be any of these characters exactly, but I do see the cw stealing ideas/concepts/traits/plotlines from some or all of them. (Or from other superkids in elseworlds and such)

I miss Christopher (the original one)! :cry:
I feel like the fan theory that he might be Damian in disguise (either intentionally, or because the Kents adopted him as a baby and never told him his heritage) will probably end up being the one that happens (Batman connection, allows them to do “Super Sons,” creates a dynamic where one child has powers and the other doesn’t, if Jordan/Damian is ignorant of his heritage it’ll create an on-going mystery subplot and the moment where he dons the Robin outfit for the first time will be huge, Batwoman crossover where they look for Bruce, etc.)
That all said, my big, “completely unlikely, but man would it be crazy if true” theory: a new interpretation of the Eradicator.

Despite production casting a 19-year-old actor and a 14-year-old actor, Jon and Jordan are meant to be twins.

Yeah, but are they meant to be actual twins, or do they only think that because that’s what Lois and Clark told them growing up?
The possibilities are enticing!

Lois’s dad is General Sam Lane. Maybe another relative though. I hope it’s Conner they are trying to unbrainwash. Also hoping for a Damien spot.

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Maybe he is the baby that was left to Lois and Clark on the very last episode of Lois and Clark ?? That was never resolved as the series cancelled after the 4th season. It could be possible after Crisis.


We had better get a Dean Cain cameo if that’s the case!

Diggle is john Stewart I figured that out when the showed his step father general stewart.

Jordan is Jason white from the movies its basicly the child she was pregnant with in the death of superman and during the time he was gone she remarried richard white and passed him off as his son just my thoughts on it.

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Yeah I believe jordan is a alias for Jason based on comics Johnathan and jason are the only 2 boys lois and Clark had in alternate earths so maybe crisis merge the two diffrent timelines where they had sons and made them twins since they both was first born in alternate earths.

John Diggle is the Arrowverse’s equivalent to John Stewart and may now have retroactively become Lynn Stewart-Pierce’s stepbrother with the creation of the new Multiverse post-Crisis, but he is still a separate and very different character from John Stewart.

Thea Dearden Queen is the Arrowverse’s equivalent to Mia Dearden, but she is still a separate and very different character from Mia.

Could Jordan Kent be a reference to Hal Jordan? We know Diggle and Lyla are moving to Metropolis, so maybe Jordan becomes a Green Lantern at some point?

I think Jordan going to be CW’s take on Power boy he is obscure has no named secret identity or real back story except being from Apocalypse so they could pretty much does as they please in using the name. Giving the Kents Superboy and Power boy a play Supergirl & Power Girl dynamic from the comics

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I love your theory and with crisis that could be why he only just appearing and the age difference right up CW alley to do a throwback call to a past DC series starting the same characters

I seen Jordan Kent is a original character just for the series and he doesn’t have a comic book version kinda like how Chole was made just for smallville