Who is leaving thumbs up for the comics they are enjoying

I try to remember every time.
And does anyone know if this data gets collected?
I’d like to know what comics have the most thumbs up since this app came into being.


I always do. I’d absolutely love to see the data associated with comics. Like, which one is the most liked, which is the most read, which has the most reads but least amount of likes, etc.


I try to leave them when I I can. I probably missed a few as I usually binge-read a series and just move from one issue to the next (Justice League 3000-3001, Justice League Generation Lost, Flash, JLA etc) I wonder if there’s a series wide like when you like whole series of this title or that?

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I don’t. I used to leave comments for all of the comics I’d read, but then those went away. You can’t really see your likes so if I like a comic enough to potentially reread it, I save it to a list.


I leave them in hope that the data will be utilized someday to show an issue’s popularity, or to maybe generate a “recommended for you” list. The function has a habit of glitching on my tablet, though, and won’t always recognize the click.


I definitely leave a thumbs up on comics I’ve read and enjoyed. If it’s not a fave, I don’t. Along the same vein, I would love the ability to save and “like” articles. There have been a few excellent articles on here that I would love to have for reference while I’m reading other comics.


I feel chastised, remiss, regretful, remorseful and generally sorry I have not been doing this


Admitting you have a problem is a step in the right direction.
Now go read Legends of the DC Universe #14 and give it a like man!