Who’s Your Favorite Character in the Arrowverse?

Simple: Ollie.

Mick Rory, Legends of Tomorrow

Barry Allen!

Oliver Queen will forever be my favorite Arrow-Verse character followed by Cisco Ramon!

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Beebo, hands down.


Per Show…

Supergirl: Brainiac 5
Legends: Zari (both versions)
Flash: Ralph Dibney (Elongated Man)
Black Lightning: Khalil Payne (Pain Killer)
Arrow: Connor Hawke
Batwoman: Julia Pennyworth
Constantine: John Constantine

Entire Arrowverse…


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Barry Allen


I got to go with Lena Luthor, Mary Hamilton, and Sara Lance. I can’t pick between these 3 amazing characters.

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I’m definitely going with Lena Luthor. Really enjoy a lot of the characters on Supergirl.

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Arrow: No one
Flash: Cisco
Supergirl: No one
Legends of Tomorrow: Mick Rory
Black Lightning: The cop

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Manu Bennett as Slade Wilson/Deathstroke honestly, whenever he returned it was always a nice break from some of the stuff about Arrow I don’t particularly care for.

Damien Dahrk is another one of those characters, along with Snart and Rory.