Who Should Get A Show On This App?

Red Hood and the outlaws


The Question. Maybe in conjunction with some other interesting heroes.

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I think Doom Patrol needs their own show! They laid some great foundation for a spin off to these amazing heroes who save a world that has no idea it needs saving!

Would like to see a sequel to Gotham, with Bruce being older, not as Batman, but as a young 20 something, one his way to being the Dark Knight, see him travel across the world training now and then, but the show would largely focused on Jim, Harvey, Alfred, and Luscious dealing with the criminals scum in Gotham. My two cents any way.

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I believe either Books of Magic or The Sandman would make a good show. Both are by Neil Gaiman, and they’re already making shows based on both Grant Morrisons and Alan Moores work.


Michael Holt Mr terrific & Pieter Cross Dr Mid-Nite should have a duo show together.
Both are some of the smartest people in the DC universe wit Holt being the 3rd smartest man behind Luther & Ray Palmer… Holt being one of the world’s top doctor/detective.
One being an atheist and the other a full Christian working thro their beliefs and differences fighting of crimes and demons invading the world.

Martian man hunter

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Hellblazer. Take what’s hs face from the Arrowverse and bring him here, and follow up on his show. The same with Preacher. How about a live action Redhood and the Outlaws. Or Kamdi. That would be badass! !!

It’s not going to happen, but I would love a straight-up Batman series, set in the same universe as Titans. It would be so easy to do a Batman series. Unfortunately, it seems they’re only saving him for feature films.

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