Who Watches the Watchmen?

So far, the show is amazing!! I absolutely love how the show has stayed true to the original source material. An amazing story created to accompany the classic story line, couldn’t have asked for anything more.

I’m sure you’ve read enough praise, so I’ll try to keep it short. Honestly one of the greatest things I’ve ever watched. They’ve really taken the heart of Watchmen to create a welcome continuation of the graphic novel while also creating something completely new and original. It is one of the highlights of my week.

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Thank you all for the feedback; I’ll be sure to watch the show :clark_hv_2:

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Oh my GOD! Every episode i say “Wow Ozymandius can’t get any weirder”…and the BAM next episode he get’s wierder.

The lake scene in the canoe where he is checking the lobster traps…

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So far I’m enjoying it a lot. Each episode expands the lore of the world without giving too much away and makes you excited for the next episode. I’d say give the first two episodes a watch and then decide from there.

Its not that bad. Very interesting take on this new world that’s within the watchmen universe. It is both different and yet the same. It pays homage to comics with references to the Minutemen, Keene act, etc. So it has a familiar feel to it. Yet there is enough new here to keep you engaged in the story. From clones, squid showers, and new masks. Its great and I can’t wait for the next episode.

Okay, i am piecing together more cryptic hints upon re-watching.

The skull and crossbones flag hanging on the scythe when Veidt rides by, is the same as the flag from “tales of the Black Freighter” (you guys remember all the cut scenes about the comic the kid is reading at the newsstand in the 1986 story.)

There are certainly parallels. Modern Ozymandius seems to be going through his own ordeal, very like the main character of “tales of the Black Freighter” stranded on an island filled with perils to return.

Also i am 100% certain we are going to get an AMAZING cover of “All along the Watchtower” by Reznor & Ross towards the end of the season.

“Outside in the distance a wild cat did growl, two riders were approaching, the wind began to howl”

I’m loving it! I can’t imagine watching without having read the original graphic novel, though.

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Right! I’ve wondered how the is show doing outside the comic book audience

I am loving it. They are staying true to the framework of the characters. Yes, the characters that were chosen to be includes from the previous iterations have evolved, but they are still true to their core. And there has been more full story development than most shows in the first 4 episodes than others in their first full seasons.


This Extraordinary Being.

Brilliantly written.

Beware the cyclops.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes

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Has anyone been reading the PeteyPedia page on the HBO site? It is to the show what the supplemental material in the back of each issue was to the comic.


My Plot Sense is tingling…

Also spoilers glaore, so if you havent watched it, LOOK AWAY!

Gonna put these predictions out now just in case. If i am wrong, i am just wide eyed speculative fanboy off in left field, but in case i am right, i want a record if my predictions before the big reveals in the next three episodes.

It’s ALL ABOUT CAL! Angela Abars non assuming husband, i believe secretly has powers. The “Accident” talked about in episode 4 that happened at some point in Vietnam.

I Think that Cal was the subject of a second attempt to create a Doctor Manhattan, and went Awol.

There are so many parallels between thier psychology and personalities, he is a perfect match if one is matching a specific profile. I think Cal’s powers are not completely identical to Osterman, as Cal can appear human.

I think the Defense Department knows he is in Tulsa, but doesn’t know WHO. White Knight was an attempt to flush him out and start using his powers, as was the attack on the funeral. Senator Keene has been looking him for some time, he and Judd Crawford escalating things to get him to reveal himself (they know he is a black man).

Also Cal’s powers are why Lori Blake is so unconsciously hot for him.

Lady Treue is Edward Blake’s “the comedian” OTHER illegitimate daughter, who survived her mother being shot while she was in Utero (chapter 2 pages 14 & 15 in the origional). This makes Treue and Lori Half sisters, making thier conversation about genetic memory and legacy all the more relevant. (Agent Blake has no idea she has a half sister)

Treue and Will Reeves KNOW about Cal, and i suspect Cal is part of thier plans with the Millennial Clock…which i am SURE is a GIANT version of Will’s mind control flashlight, the technology stolen from the Cyclops almost 100 years ago.

Lube man is totally Agent Petey, who wants to be a super hero SO BAD!

Yup it phenomenal I see it in 15 different dimensions

So Good! So Enjoyable! Keeps getting better & better. Thank You!

I am now thinking that the generic donor for Vedit’s clones & The gamemaster is none other than Edward Blake the comedian.

The gamemaster (and judge), the Mean one, who is Jailor and tormentor has the signiture mustache.

Lol sorry Genetic donor (not generic)

I actually like the show alot. One of my favorite new shows this year. Up there with Doom Patrol in terms of comic tv shows.

Great story. Great characters. I love Veidt and his staff :smiley:

5/5 in my book

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