Who Would Win? Batman Beyond vs. Booster Gold

In terms of skills, Terry has it, but I feel like Booster hits harder and can take more punishment. I think Terry would have a hard time putting him down. Maybe if you add in Bruce’s tactics, but in a random first encounter, I’m inclined towards Booster.

However, I’m no expert in either BB or BG.

Oh, also, isn’t BB tech like thirty years in the future or so and used to face people a bit higher level than Batman’s traditional Rogue’s gallery versus BG’s thousand plus years in the future tech that allows him to tank and strike Justice League level enemies.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I think people’s love for the cartoon is clouding their judgment on this one.


See this is very dependent on different variables. Such as is this an experienced booster gold and Terry? The age old Batman prep time question. Is Rip Hunter involved? Etc.


Ok, let’s level here. Booster would bet against himself, take a dive during the fight, and win big in Vegas. A massive PR nightmare would ensue, he’d fake his death, and Supernova would pop up a few weeks later.


Terry has Bruce but Booster has Rip Hunter.

Booster all the way.


I think it’s safe to assume that if Terry has Batman in his corner, then Booster has Rip. And I’ll bet on Rip’s experience over Bruce’s every time.


Terry has never been mistaken for Green Lantern, so he’s got my vote.


I’m inclined to say Booster, Terry can’t hit anywhere near as hard as Doomsday can.


Which, let’s be honest, seems like the most likely outcome.

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I honestly hope so, I don’t know if it’s just me but I really don’t like to see heroes fighting with other heroes, and I think it’s because I view the heroes as good people that fight evil, so they represent the good in the world and they try to work together; therefore they wouldn’t fight each other. Plus, these two characters aren’t as serious in personality, they aren’t afraid to kick back and relax.

It really comes down to whether SKEETS can outsmart and outmaneuver both Bruce and Terry, which is a hard pair to beat.
Gotta go with Mr. New Gotham himself.

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I don’t know what’s wrong with me that I have continued to think about this issue, but it kind of bugs me. Legit, Booster tanks massive blows all the time. What does Terry possibly have to put a dent in him?

Here’s a post copied from Reddit listing some of BG’s feats. This post says BG is a light weight in terms of striking power, and he is compared to Clark and Diana, but he’s still powerful enough to lift a plane and his arm cannons can punch holes through metal and destroy a cannon on a spaceship. Maybe Terry can take some hits like that, but Booster is going to make a dent if a blow lands.

With out some major plot induced stupidity, I see it as largely a draw slanted towards BG. Terry should be able to avoid BG, but Terry can’t reasonably damage Booster unless BB has some Doomsday level striking power.

Force Field Generator

Booster Gold is like an anti-glass cannon. He has incredible planetary+ level durability, but he is sorely lacking in terms of offensive power.

Contains a blast from one of the Manhunters

Can reflect high-speed projectiles

Contains a blast from a nuclear submarine

Strong enough to tank hits from Doomsday

Contains an angry Doomsday

Deflects laser/energy beams

Tanks punches from Eobard Thawne, AKA Zoom

Survives a massive construct punch from Sinestro

Tanks a punch from Supernova, who hits with “the force of a white dwarf star”

Survives a massive energy blast from an OMAC

Tanks an energy blast from Cyborg Superman

Lives through an energy blast from Trigon

Tanks an energy blast from Mongul’s ship

Power Suit

Booster Gold’s power suit is fairly durable, gives him a significant strength buff, and is also fairly lightweight

Hurls Mammoth through concrete

Carries a plane effortlessly (this seems to be approximately the size of a 737, which is about 80 tons when full)

Carries another plane (About the same size as a 747, which is almost 500 tons when full)

Tosses a car 30+ feet in the air with only one hand

More to come soon

Wrist Blasters

Booster Gold’s “tickle beams” aren’t very powerful or destructive, and for that reason, they are very rarely used. They are implied to be close to Iron Man repulsor levels of damage, but given that most of his foes are high tier baddies like Doomsday, etc. who are incredibly durable makes them seem pretty pathetic, so we lack the feats needed to really nail down their power level.

Takes down Ace, the android member of the Royal Flush gang

Punches through solid metal

Staggers Peter Platinum, his DC One Million counterpart

Destroy a cannon on Mongul’s ship

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Proceeds to submit a story to DC Comics where Terry is mistaken for B’dg.
@TheWifeOfJasonTodd I just find it to be fun to wonder about this stuff. When I work maintenance instead of stocking it is very slow mentally. Thinking about stuff like this helps me get through work.