Who Would Win? Bruce Wayne vs. Dick Grayson

Welcome to our speculative stadium, where legends duke it out in loony locales with only a few atypical articles to defend themselves!

How It Works

  • Well, in short, :sparkles: magic:sparkles:!

  • Two challengers enter, but only one leaves!

  • Using ONLY 3 objects they will fight it out within a foreign location all pre-set by… someone… something? No one knows.

It’s up to YOU to determine how it all goes down - the hows and whys of Who Would Win?

This week’s challengers are…

Bruce Wayne vs. Dick Grayson

Their available weapons?

  1. Batarangs

  2. Mental anguish

  3. Extra buttery popcorn

Where will they throw these fantastic fisticuffs?

  • An empty theater!

Pick your winner via poll below and elaborate on the play-by-play of your match-up in the comments! We want the details!

  • Bruce Wayne
  • Dick Grayson

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“Don’t be Batman”, Dick was (mostly) always told.
Bruce has more mental anguish than Dick. These are Batarangs, not Robinarangs. Dick would probably be more likely to eat popcorn than Bruce, causing him to have more fiber and be less athletic (fiber probably does something else, but I’ll go with that).

Weapons: 3 point lead for Bruce.

With the location being an abandoned theater, Bruce will be more sentimental and detached. While this initially may be a disadvantage for him, he could also view the setting as a place of anguish for taking away his childhood, fueling his ability to fight.

Location: Neutral net result.

Winner: Bruce.