Who Would Win? Jonah Hex vs. Two Face

I think Jonah wins this match up

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Hex, he aint gonna waste time lettin’ a coin make a decision for him.


I voted for Jonah Hex. Reason is Jonah’s war experience and bounty hunter skills. Even with antiquated weapons, I think he pulls out the win. Also, he is single minded. Two-Face and Dent may not see eye-to-eye a a very important time. That Moment is all Hex will need.


I wouldn’t be able to decide, would probably have to flip a coin.


Jonah … Harvey always seemed like more of a leader than a fighter


Hex takes down Harvey/Two Face easily. But wouldn’t it be cool if Hex rode into Dodge City and had to take on Marshall Matt Dillon? Or better yet, Hex catches miner’s fever and heads west to Nevada and Virginia City’s Comstock Lode and runs into the Cartwright clan. And when the wander-lust finally leaves him, Hex wends his way to Minnesota and settles down in Walnut Grove. He would be the “neighbor” who finally tests the prodigious patience of the Ingalls family.


As much as I prefer two face… Jonah has a supernatural advantage but I think it would be a glorious gunfight to behold lol.

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@batmanbill1143.48539 That’s for sure!

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Not gonna lie to anyone, and not trying to diss my boy Harvey, Jonah Hex is far more of a badass than Two Face ever was. Not only that, but he doesn’t need a coin to make major decisions and is a master gunslinger, and has actually seen battle. He’s hardcore, and Harvey coifs his hair just so every day with an entire bottle of gel. Jonah Hex would win. No doubt.

I gotta agree with you